Your Office Cubicle Shows Off Your Personality

If you are working in an office then you must have your own cubicle. Every day, a company for office cleaning in Sydney is hired to clean up after employees so that the work area is spotless and clean for the next business day. If you take time to look around your office, you might be surprised that while you are working under the same roof, your cubicle might be different from one another. You might be able to spot the tidiest cubicle and the most chaotic one. According to a study, you cubicle says a lot about your personality and here are the most common ones:

  • Super minimalist. This is the cubicle that is neat and tidy, no random paper on the desk and the softboards are free from any clutter. In fact, no item is out of place. One might think that no one is using the space until you see the owner actually sit down. They are usually the fast worker as they deal with paperworks as they come to make sure their desk is free as soon as possible. They are the ones lessening the workload that staff in office cleaning in Sydney has to do.
  • Active mountaineer. You might have seen this cubicle before – the one with mountain loads of paperwork. There are documents everywhere including the floor by the cubicle. One might assume that they will not be able to find anything on the pile of papers when in fact they know exactly where every document is stacked.
  • Family and friends. This is the cubicle that is filled with photographs of important people in their lives – their spouse, children, parents and even their own self. You might be able to spot photographs and postcards sent by friends on their vacation. Ones holiday photos to different countries may also be displayed on the cubicle.
  • The genius. This is the cubicle that is full of displayed books about various subjects such as law, economics, finance and so much more. Contractors hired for office cleaning in Sydney might be impressed by the number of books available while cleaning and the variety of subjects to choose from.

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