Workers Complain Of Noisy Francis Crick Institute Building

Francis Crick Institute is a cathedral created to serve as biomedical science. Construction was worth £700 million and this is where scientists are working together in order to conduct research regarding cancer, genetics, pandemics and neuroscience. The problem is that the building is not a good place for them to concentrate because there are no windows to block out the noise.

One year after the launching of the building in central London laboratory, there 1,250 workers inside the Crick Institute and some of them are complaining about the open plan design of the building. It was originally designed so that informal collaborations will be possible. It turns out that some of these areas are too noisy that they can’t perform research or think carefully.

Most of the workers complaining about the noise are those colleagues with PhD awards as well as the public because the atrium of the building is huge and open.

According to one of the research groups’ leader, Nicholas Luscombe, there are people that are complaining but there are also who love the noise because it made them feel like working inside a café. There are those that work better in a space with absolute silence thus the setting is not ideal for them. He said that, in his opinion, the layout served its original purpose. It is possible for him to meet people which turns into collaborations and it is a great thing overall.

A spokeswoman from the institute said that the Crick is already doing tests in order to determine the noise levels and see if acoustics is necessary in order for the building to be improved.

Dr. Kerstin Sailer who is an expert in architecture, said that there are people complaining about the noise and majority of them are those working near the atrium.

She said that the original intent of the building design was for scientists to meet as much opportunities to collaborate with other departments. They are still doing some tests to see if it is necessary to install windows to block out noise and other features that will make the building a more desirable place to work in.

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