Will The Results Of The US Presidential Elections Affect Holiday Spending?

Although Christmas songs are not yet being played in retail stores, retailers are busy preparing for the holiday season. As we get close to the time of year when shopping becomes the most ideal activity, the United States is busy preparing for the presidential elections. After the elections are over this November, will shopping ease away the pain of voting for a losing candidate? Most will be disappointed but American traditions will not be affected by the drama.

Political uncertainty, voter anxiety and frustrations are not enough to diminish the fun of gift buying. This was the result of a recent survey on US voters wherein the majority stated that no matter the outcome of the presidential elections their planned spending for the holidays will not be affected. The survey was conducted by RetailNext inc. a market and consumer analyst that is based in California.

Any remaining angst over the elections will be over by Thanksgiving and consumers will start with their holiday shopping. 70% of Americans surveyed say that if Donald Trump wins it will not affect their holiday spending while 68% say the same if Hilary Clinton is elected president.

There is only a brief time that can be called as the calm before the storm before retailers will turn their promotional campaigns to full blast. However, this year, many retailers are making use of technology which will ensure sales throughout the year. Retail traffic counters or retail people counters will be employed to provide retailers with the information as to the number of people entering the stores. The counters will show traffic trends during peak and slow hours and how weather conditions can affect sales opportunities. The system will allow store managers to truly see how the store is performing and whether foot traffic is being converted into sales.

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