What Does It Take To Become A Waitress In Sports Bar In Hong Kong

If you are planning to apply for a job in a sports Bar in Hong Kong, you should know that the job can be challenging although it has its perks too. The job may be challenging but so is the rest of the jobs out there so do not let those challenges keep you from applying in a sports bar around Hong Kong. Just take note of the following tips to make it in the field.


A waitress or sports bar personnel who face customers should be confident enough to communicate confidently with customers. She should be willing to familiarize the menu and the drinks being served in the sports bar as some customers might be asking questions about these. Waitresses are expected to behave in a friendly yet professional manner, not shy but not too overconfident to be loud. Be casual and accept and give friendly jokes every now and then but learn how to draw the line.

Strength in character

To work in a sports Bar in Hong Kong means getting exposed to drunken customers and noisy crowd every now and then. It may not also be unlikely for you to be subjected to harassments and insults so you need to be strong to be able to handle different types of customers. Learn how to be firm without insulting the customers and learn how to draw the line between being friendly and acting flirty.


Most sports bar do not run out of customers because most major leagues run for several months and they normally overlap with other game events. Thus, you can expect to have customers the whole year round and there may be no days called low or off season. There would also be days when sports Bar in Hong Kong would be packed with customers especially during semi-finals to finals so you should have enough energy and stamina for every working hour. With these challenges, you would really need utmost dedication for your job to be able to survive in a testy work environment.

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