Vienna House Partners Up With Absolute Hotel Services

A new joint partnership is set to make its mark on the tourism industry in Asia and Europe. The partnership is set between the Austrian Vienna House, and the Thai Absolute Hotel Services Group. This new partnership will see the establishment of more hotel near BTS and Asia under AHS’s branding, and new hotels in Europe under Vienna House’s operations.

Vienna House is an Austrian hotel group that originally started out under the name of Vienna International Hotelmanagement, during its founding on 1989. Following years of operation and growth, the independent hotel chain is now Austria’s biggest, employing over 2,200 people, and operating 32 hotels in 8 different countries across the world.

Meanwhile, Absolute Hotel Services is one of the fastest growing hospitality management companies Asia. AHS’s headquarters is located in Bangkok, Thailand, with regional offices in countries like Indonesia, Hong Kong, and others.

The two companies have similarly positioned hotels, all of which carry their respective company’s reputation of delivering quality service with the culture and hospitality of the company’s respective home countries.

Currently, AHS manages 22 hotels across Asia, with 12 of them encompassed by the award-winning U Hotels & Resorts brand. AHS is set to expand the U Hotels and Resorts brand, with at least 13 additional hotels set to open in the near future.

Under this partnership, both companies are set to assist one another in expanding their reach across Europe and Asia; in Bangkok, Vienna House’s Asian office will handle the growth of the group in the region, with full support from AHS. Meanwhile, the Vienna House European office will handle the expansion of AHS’s U Hotels & Resorts in Central Europe. Part of the partnership plan is the completion of around 3 new projects per year, focusing on city and resort hotel developments.

Both companies have the BTS Group Holdings, the majority shareholder for Bangkok’s BTS Skytrain system, and is one of the country’s largest publicly listed companies, meaning that a new hotel near BTS is a likely outcome of this new partnership.

The initial talks are well underway, with ideas for projects in Bangkok and Vietnam.

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