Vespa Scooters Might Be Disappear In The US And For Unexpected Reasons

A new discovery is now causing a stir in the market because of the hormone-treated meat. It turns out European motorbikes are not doing well with hormone-treated meat most especially for the Vespa brand of scooters. It is known that in the current market of the United States, wasp is in danger of being wiped out soon despite the fact that it is considered an icon in many regards.

There is an ongoing dispute with the Italian scooter together with other brands of European motorcycles that are measuring 51 to 500 cubic centimetres. These items are to be charged double than the usual when it comes to customs duties. What is ironic is that the dispute is not something of a recent issue such as the election of President Donald Trump into the White House but rather something that is twenty years old already. It started with the BSE crisis or what is popularly known as the mad cow disease. During these times, the European Commission decided to ban American beef that are treated with hormone to enter.

The issue seemed to have died down back in 2009 during the signing of both parties of the memorandum of understanding that is covered in the aegis of the World Trade Organization. It was only recently that the meat industry in the United States decided to request the Office of the United States Trade Representative or USTR, which is the governing body when it comes to international trade, to make some countermeasures in order for them to make up for the fact that the openings given by the European are still limited in a way.

With this, there is a chance that several products coming from Europe could face heavier duties and this includes motorcycles with maximum capacity of 500 cc. This is the sector where European manufacturers have been putting a lot of their money in the United States. Take into account that fact that there is only sole manufacturer that is American under the same market sector and that is Harley Davidson and the company has only one model on sale, the Street 500.

The truth is that because of the setting of American cities, the people are not forced to buy and use scooters for their daily commute unlike in Europe. This is why majority of local manufacturers are not concerned when it comes to this sector. The domestic demand is due mainly to consumers who are either Korean or Japanese. Europe, on the other hand, is putting much importance to its iconic models. While this is issue is still undecided, people can still buy at accredited Vespa dealers.

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