Why Are Trees Dying In The Forests Of California?

The number of dead trees in California is unprecedented in modern history. 102 million dead trees were found in California’s drought-stricken forests, an unparalleled ecological disaster that increases the risks of wildfires and damaging erosion. Officials are alarmed at the increasing number of dead trees which according to estimates have risen by 36 million since last survey made by the government in May. According to the US Forest Surveys, 62 million trees have died this year.

According to Randy Moore, the forester of the region, the scale of trees dying is totally unprecedented in modern history because the trees are dying at a rate that is totally unexpected. Scientists believe that the destruction is due to 5 years of drought. Lack of water has put the trees under considerable stress making them susceptible to insects like beetles that shorten their life. Trees also have high demand for water because of the hot temperature.

Majority of the dead trees were found along the southern and central Sierra Nevada region although officials have warned that trees were also dying in the forests of Northern California particularly in Siskiyou, Modoc, Plumas and Lassen counties. The hardest hit is the forests at lower elevations – about 5,000 to 6,000 feet. Trees in higher elevations are much healthier. It is sad but there is a vast landscape of dead and dying trees. At least half of the sugar pines that can live for at least 500 years are gone.

The drought that hit California is intense and extreme particularly for the southern and central part of the state. The staggering number of trees dying is a big concern for everyone but the die-off is expected to continue for at least a year or two. Additional resources were mobilized for the removal of the dead trees before they can be hazardous for the Californians.

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