Top Campaigns In Real Time Strategy Games

Who could forget the rise of the RTS game or real time strategy game Age of Empires which has been dubbed as the father of RTS? Almost two decades later, many RTS games have been released in the market and many are aiming to reach the same status as Age of Empires though its legacy may never be forgotten. To help new players, the best campaigns in RTS games have been pooled in one article.

Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault is top on the list. There are four commanders in the story that will help in the Battle of the Bulge. Of the four, only three can be played by human players. Each of them has force driven by their personality and life story. What makes this game stands out is the meta-layer map’s level of difficulty. With this game, the spotlight is always on the battle. There are a lot going on that you would have to choose and strategize carefully in order to win this campaign.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak might not look like much. Many are hesitant to play the game because it might be just a second-rate version of the original but the campaigns included are actually decent. It has all the right elements that make the original game a personal favorite by some. On the default, players jump from one mission to another but it gives the player some time to gather their skills before launching another tough battle.

Battle Realms is third on the line because of the twists included in the storyline. Your peasants can be a part of combat units as long as they have leveled up and resources can be achieved by spending another in its place. Players can also switch from melee to range without a problem. While there are imperfections in the campaigns, it is still one of the most notable for 2018.

Last on the list is another real time strategy game called Emperor: Battle for Dune. It has the positive things an RTS game should have such as story presentation, depth of system, memorable characters and replay ability. The campaign offers a lot of risk because you are fighting against two houses controlled by AI in order to rule the Arrakis.

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