The Travails Of The Taxi Industry In Doha, Qatar


On Doha, the Eid holidays meant brisk business for taxi drivers but their revenue soon declined when the schools closed for the summer vacation. Taxi drivers have to struggle to make ends meet particularly with the stiff competition from the thriving limousine service. Most taxi drivers do not own the vehicles. They have to pay a quota of more than QR200 to the taxi company every day. If there is a dearth for passengers, the taxi drivers find it difficult to meet the quota.
While the rental scheme has been stopped, many taxi franchises still follow the old scheme and this has resulted into taxi drivers looking for ways to earn additional cash. Some of the drivers manipulate the fare structures while others negotiate with passengers to collect a higher fare. The Eid holiday was the perfect opportunity for taxi drivers to earn more so that they can set aside some money for the lean periods. Some have worked doubly hard because they knew that summer meant fewer passengers. The summer lull is already expected because taxi drivers have experienced this in the past. Taxis drivers should have managed the earnings properly so that they are prepared for the two lean months of summer without students.
Taxi drivers are also affected by the thriving limousine service that is a better option for some passengers. Some of the taxi drivers who were involved in illegal cab activities have started to apply for licenses from a number of rent-a-car and transport companies that are authorized to provide limousine service. Limousine companies can exclusively operate at some of the malls and hypermarkets of Doha. This has certainly worsened the problems of the taxi industry because many passengers prefer the chauffeured limousines to taxis and their illegal activities.
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