The Tradition Of Opioid Addiction As A National Health Emergency

Opioid addiction is the most deadly and widely prevalent crisis in the nation’s history. The good news is the presence of rehabilitation centers that exert all efforts to support and guide patients towards recovery. However, the luxury rehab stands out from all the rest because it provides holistic treatment in a warm environment that is close to the waters so that patients can be comfortable and relaxed.

President Trumph has declared that the opioid crisis as a national public health emergency. He is right but he is also wrong because there has been a string of other epidemics that are similar to what is happening today.

After the Civil War, soldiers and other individuals became addicted to morphine, a new pharmaceutical drug whichwas one of the very first manmade opioids. In the early 1990’s heroin was developed supposedly to cure morphine addiction. Cocaine was also developed by pharmaceutical companies to fight morphine addiction. It also became the treatment for hay fever.

In 1910, President William H. Taft said that cocaine addiction was the most serious problem faced by the United States. Over the next century, people started to abuse cocaine, heroin and other drugs like methamphetamine, a diet drug. These were the three drugs that seemed to be the most serious threats.

In his recent remarks, the president has promised that he will free the nation from the drug crisis but the grim reality is the drugs never disappeared completely after they have been introduced to the market. However, there is also good news because drug crises usually fade considerably when there is reduced supply. Demand may eventually diminish with the number of new addictions.

Most the epidemics in the United States were due to pharmaceutical companies and physicians that pushed drugs that are addictive and dangerous. Morphine is a painkiller while cocaine is an ingredient to over-the-counter tonics for nasal problems.

Instead of treatment through medications, luxury rehab makes use of the holistic approach that includes yoga sessions, acupuncture, massages and healthy diet to help a patient recover from addiction. Patients can make full use of tennis courts, swimming pools, and fitness centers so that the damages created by addiction can be repaired.

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