The Strong Connection Between Architecture And Art

Ann Allison-Cote, photographer by profession, always sees something new in downtown Knoxville’s buildings depending on what time she passes the street or how she looks at them. She goes downtown and starts taking pictures of the Mast General Store on Gay Street and then proceeds to the World’s Fair Park before ending up in Old City. She takes photographs of the buildings but every time she does there is always a difference.

The images of Knoxville that Allison-Cote captures from her camera are sold at Liz-Beth Gallery. Customers select the photographs they want and have them printed on paper or canvas. Three of the giclee prints are now being sold for the benefit of Knox Heritage, a local preservation group.

Each of the 3 matted and unframed 10” by 15” prints depicts a different scene of the historic buildings in downtown Knoxville and sells at $85 per art work. From the proceeds of the sale, one half goes to the local preservation group. The three giclee prints include Jackson Avenue cityscape, a close-up of 400 Block Kress Building and a view of the rooftops along Southern Railway Depot on West Depot Avenue.

The fundraising campaign was actually an idea of Liz-Beth’s CEO and Knox Heritage supporter Bart Watkins who thought it fitting to get some great work to benefit a cause. The images taken by Allison-Cote are not just ordinary photographs but enhanced through various computer programs to make them look more “artsy.” Sometimes, she changes the lighting, the background or the texture or turns the image into a watercolor.

Allison-Cote’s work was noticed by Liz-Beth when her photograph of the Miller’s Building was framed as a gift to a friend. The employees’ inquired as to the source of the photograph and Allison-Cote told them that it came from her portfolio where you can see the connection between architecture and art.

Photographs can be transformed into works of art through the right technology. For example, Art Prints on Canvas are photographs that have been printed on canvas and laid out in different ways like gallery wrap or multi-panel canvas prints. After selecting the image you want to be printed, you can also choose the best layout that suits your taste.

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