The Possibility Of Lead Pollution From Home Plumbing Systems

When the Standards Institute of Israel was conducting tests on espresso machines, they found out that there were high concentrations of lead on tap water in some cities. After the discovery of high levels of lead on espresso machines, further test were conducted on thousands of units in coffee shops throughout the country including the importers and manufacturers of the machines.

It is unclear whether the source of lead pollution is the taps because it is difficult to determine whether all the drinking water in the areas concerned is affected. High lead content was found in the tap water of Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem. Lead concentrations were several times higher than the accepted levels for drinking water that is set for European countries.

As a precaution, the Health Ministry advised people particularly pregnant women to reduce the amount of coffee they drink from espresso machines until further tests. However, a bigger problem is whether the source of lead is the espresso machines because with home plumbing it is difficult to see what is really happening.

In 2011, when samples were tested from 800 homes with old plumbing, they found deviations from the normal in 2% of the tests primarily related to hot water. The Ministry believes that the situation has improved considering the number of new homes that were built since 2011.

According to the Health Ministry, there is no problem with water sources. The problem may be in home plumbing which the consumer is responsible for. For many years, lead has been used in the production of water pipes until people found out about its dangers. Plumbers also know that it is prohibited to use lead pipes but there are still violators. Another possible source of lead pollution is municipal plumbing that is old and neglected with lead joints and welding.

The safety of the home plumbing system is very important that is why the choice for reliable plumbers is always suggested. Before allowing a plumber to work on the system, it is important to determine whether he is licensed and insured and if he is skilled and experienced for a particular task.

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