The New Chinatown Of Bangkok Uncovered

There is a Chinatown in Bangkok worth visiting and it is not located in Yunnan nor can it be found in Yaowarat Road. This new Chinatown is not even close to the original one where it is slowly changing because of developments and modernization. It is located in the HuaiKhwang district of Bangkok and can be found in the one half-kilometre road that stretches through the Pracha Rat Bamphen. To get to this new hub, tourists should book a hotel near Bangkok subway as it is easier to access. This is where they will be able to experience the Chinese culture as well as delve into the businesses offered by Chinese.

Looking at the left and ride side of the road, one can see Chinese signs everywhere. There are shops selling mala hot pot, gyoza from the northern part and tender pork dishes which are originally from the province of Yunnan.

The location is dubbed as the new Chinatown and tourists and locals alike are tempted to dine and wine as well as experience other Chinese cuisine which is not too common in the regions of Thailand.

The obvious difference between the place and the original Chinatown is the lock of temples or shrines, there is no Chinatown Gate and there is no presence of Chinese associations or clans in the area.

According to ChadaTriamvithaya, a researcher that specializes in Chinese migration in the country, at this point of time the place can be referred to as a Chinese hub since it is still on the developing phase. It cannot be considered Chinatown yet because settlement is necessary. It is a hub since Chinese New Year celebration means the place is empty as everyone else goes back to their homes. In the case of Yaowarat, associations are present in the area and none in HuaiKhwang.

In the last twenty years, many Chinese have relocated from Hong Kong and Taiwan because the rent in Thailand is reasonable, accessible to roads and the Chinese embassy is near. Tourists staying at hotel near Bangkok subway will only need to walk a minute as soon as they exit MRT HuaiKhwang.

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