The First Ever Skyscraper In Fort Lauderdale Is Now Coming Down

Sweet Building used to dominate the downtown skyline of Fort Lauderdale because of its nine storeys. Those days are now behind us.

The office building was built in 1926 located at the northern part of Andrews Avenue Bridge and it was the first skyscraper that the city had and it has coveted the title tallest structure in downtown for 46 years. The roof of the building has its own history. This has served as an observation post in order to track enemy planes in the Second World War.

The building survived through the test of time, even the hurricane that hits the region back in 1926. The only thing it cannot withstand as of the moment is the progress that is inevitably coming. The building will be taken down because of the new project that will be constructed in its place – the 4 West Las Olas. The new building will have 25 storeys and will feature 261 apartments. There will also be space for retail with over 5,000 square feet allotted.

According to Tom Vogel, a property owner, the downtown area is looking for residential space and most importantly in the locations near the river. They require employees that will live there as well as make use of the property’s retail.

The glory days of the building stopped even before the purchase made by the father of Vogel back in 1980. After which, it was renamed as One River Plaza. Its original name was taken from the seasonal winter visitor who bought the building in 1931, William Sweet.

The building was the tallest until the Landmark building was constructed in 1972 featuring 28 storeys. Other taller buildings followed such as Southeast Third Avenue and Regions located in Broward Boulevard. After the rise of the condo industry, the Sweet Building was further dwarfed because these new buildings have a maximum height of 40 storeys.

There is no more historical value in the building because of the remodeling done. Its original windows were replaced, the façade has been modified and the arcade that is located at the ground level featuring an open air space has since been eliminated. Despite the attempt to get a historic designation, state officials refused to do so because of the renovations that were done on the building’s interior as well as exterior.

Visit Fort Lauderdale Florida to see the building one last time before it disappears on the map forever.

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