The Case Of China’s Lost Bathroom Tissue Papers

In China, older people usually prefer to go to a free public bathroom. These old people are mostly born during the 1940’s or 1950’s. Why do they prefer public bathrooms? They usually stuff the bags they bring and their pockets with toilet paper that are from these bathrooms and they take it back to their homes. Many think that they do this because they were afraid that they are still very poor, something that they were during the early times, poor.

This rampant action from them somehow has gotten worse and tissue paper-napping cases have increased at an alarming rate. For each bathroom, at least 30 rolls of tissue paper are being stolen per day which made them one of the main targets for any action to be done to stop the cases of stolen tissue. With this problem on hand, the authorities decided that there should be something to catch and to try to avoid further occurrence. Temple of Heaven Park bathroom installs a facial recognition device in three (3) of their bathrooms to counter the stealing. This would require the users of the restroom to face the device and make eye contact before the tissue dispenser will release any tissue paper which is about 60 cm long per release. If they are in need for more, they would have to wait a full nine (9) minutes before the dispenser will release another batch of tissues. As the parks’ bathroom installs this software, there seem to be no major objections. Some even say that they have been waiting for this for quite some time as they are wasting public resources.

Privacy might be an issue for most people but obviously, in this case, the Chinese who are frequent visitors to the parks, are saying that they do not have any concern on this at all. The need to stop the issue on stolen tissues outweighs the issue of privacy. One even has gone as far as to say that those who steal the tissues have already degraded their self-dignity, they wouldn’t know and understand the idea of privacy.

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