The Broadening Potential For Aerospace Students In Texas

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Students who are taking aerospace engineering from the University of Texas are very likely to remain in the state and work with NASA or government contractors, startups and other technology advanced organizations. According to David Daniel, deputy chancellor of the University of Texas System, there are 1,000 undergraduates and 350 students taking up masteral and doctorate courses in Arlington and Austin.

Young people are interested in aerospace because it conjures up images of rockets and planes. However, in reality, the sector has expanded to include robotics, artificial intelligence, medical devices and more. Daniel said that students have to understand the broadening potential of aerospace. For example, the University of Texas has programs focused on composite materials and the recovery of oxygen from carbon dioxide.

Researchers at Texas A&M University are currently examining supersonic flights and creating food that astronauts can eat while on space. At Rice University, students are taught about space policies. The job market of Texas will be more demanding because of the prevailing shortage of pilots, mechanics and people who can operate and maintain aircraft. This is the reason why children are being encouraged towards a career in aviation which will keep them engaged in the future.

In order for Texas’ general aviation sector to stay competitive, there are suggestions to eliminate sales taxes on goods and services that are aviation-related. Other states have eliminated their sales taxes.

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