Team Building Activities Help School Students Overcome Biggest Rival In Volleyball Game

Members of Washington-based school’s volleyball team claim that team bonding activities really helped them win their final against their rival school. Borgia’s junior libero, by the name of Paige Lynn claims that their nail-biting 26-24, 26-24 win over their rival O’Fallon Christian was a result of the team bonding activities that they had taken up 48 hours prior. It all started on their family farm in the nearby city of Labadie, she says.

Another member of the team, Kaylee Parks, also states how their team building is necessary for them to win big games and gets them in the right frame of mind, with everyone coherently working towards their objective of winning. These players gathered at the farm and spent some time on a hay ride, cooking up some smores and watching some horror movie. Even their coach condones this behaviour stating that it’s a classic tradition at their school.

Another classic tradition in Borgia is winning. This isn’t the first time that this school has won. It is actually their 20th successive title even though their rival school was the top seeded to win the title this year. Now this school is moving out of the District to the Sectional play and will soon be playing against the winning team of District 5. This is how teams are made. It isn’t just teamwork on the court that keeps them together. It is a sense of belonging inculcated in the team’s members with team building activities like these that keep their focus and unity strong.

The team’s playing statistics show how they held a balanced attack with many of the teammates showing up with impressive kills and spikes. Most people didn’t really think that Borgia could win the title a record 20th time, what with their abysmal performances in the beginning of the season, but with this nerve-wracking win over O’Fallon Christian, they have definitely proved a point. This also seems to be the best time for Borgia to be hitting a winning streak, as they will now play in the sectionals or quarter-finals, after which they will move to the semi-finals and finally on to the finals where they will battle to be the best women’s volleyball team in America.

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