Standards for US Website Design

Almost every American as well as most people from all over the world knows that red, white and blue stands for the United States. However, can you identify the color hexadecimal code of the colors associated with the US? Color hexadecimal codes are supported by most major browsers. A hexadecimal color is specified as #RRGGBB where RR is red, GG is green and BB is blue. The hexadecimal integers specify the components of the color with all values between 00 and FF.

Through the efforts of the federal government, government tech agencies including the White House’s US Digital Service and the government’s in-house tech consultancy 18F, there is now a U.S. Web Design Standard. The standard sets the colors, typefaces and buttons including the footer writing guidelines so that all future site design from federal agencies will be guided accordingly.

The standards also specify that blue, gray and white must be used on all government websites. Blue has always been traditionally associated with trust, confidence and sincerity. It is also used when representing calmness and responsibility that is why blue is highly recommended for government websites.

The standards also direct website designers to some shades over the others. Typographically, the standards also suggests to designers to make use of Source Sans Pro which is a sturdy American –inspired san by Adobe and Merriweather that is an affable serif face by Boston-based typographer Eben Sorkin. According to US Digital Service, in order to make better government websites, the two fonts can be combined.

According to Mollie Rushkin, a designer of the US Digital Service, the standards focus on the needs of the American people. There must be a style that conveys credibility, trust and warmth. The standards are the first guide for teams that will build sites that meet the needs of ordinary people. Rushkin also said the goals emerged as much for a desire for efficiency as well as for visual coherency.

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