Silicon Valley As The Hotbed Of Indian Restaurants

Do you know that Silicon Valley is becoming a stronghold of Indian restaurants? California has seen a rapid increase in the Asian Indian population since the last decade and there is a rising demand from the Indian community in the San Francisco area for Indian cuisine.

According to American Community Survey data that was released in 2013, the Asian Indian population in California rose by 89% from 2000 to 2013 making it the largest community in the United States. With the growth in Asian Indian population, the demand for Indian food increased particularly in the areas near Silicon Valley where there are hubs for software engineers.

Chibber who works closely with restaurant owners in the Bay area said that he witnessed a rapid growth in Indian restaurants as well as a diversification in the foods that they serve. Until a decade ago, Indian restaurants only served food that were associated with the Northern part of India but now Indian restaurants serve food from different states that include Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Goa and Pradesh.

Indian immigrant workers in the Silicon Valley crave for food from their own states that is why the new crop of restaurateurs is satisfying these cravings. Majority of immigrant Indians work in the high tech industry where there is huge demand for skilled and competent IT workers.

Madras Café is a South Indian vegetarian restaurant serving tiffin and snacks. Ramamoorthy Ramasamy, the owner used to juggle two jobs as a restaurateur and a database administrator until he quit his job when he was able to buy an adjacent Indian grocery store in 2008. Since most Indian restaurants serve Northern cuisine, Ramasamy had the idea to serve South Indian dishes on his restaurant. There are Indian immigrants, who crave for a cup of authentic filter coffee or a plate of the piping hot steamed idlis (fluffy, round, white savory donuts made from rice and lentils).

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