Scott Hutchinson Instantly Cherished Molonga Terrace Property

Scott Hutchinson, the head of a popular building company immediately fell in love with a prized home at 37 Molonga Terrace, Graceville.

He became intrigued when he saw the property during the Australian Institute of Architecture Awards in Brisbane way back 1989. He badly wanted the three-story house. However, it was not yet up for sale that time.

It seemed like the house was made for him because at one party someone told him he should see a property. That time they were currently looking for a home so he went with his wife. The moment they saw the property they decided it was for them.

It was the room beside the river which stunned Hutchinson the most. Every corner of the property is wallpaper worthy. The woodwork is exquisite. He said he wished he could boast they built it.

Hutchinson is an engineer and a builder. He was overwhelmed with the home. He imagined it to be built with an architect having a page of guidelines every single day; the manner they constructed the Opera House. As an expert in the field, he said it would be difficult to value the work of a property like it. It would even be harder to imitate it because the details are so intricate.

The stunning property has 33 meters of waterway façade and 3, 117 square meters playing ground. It comprises a boathouse, platform, outdoor amusement area, infinity shaped pool, plenty of levels, verandahs and balconies.

Agent Patrick Dixon said the lovely home is a lasting evidence of design excellence. He added that every inch of the property has an extreme level of patterns and sophisticated design.

Hutchinson feels sorry to sell the property, but they have to do it due to their family downsizing. All their children are already growing old. The home is open to bids until 5 in the evening of November 11.

The home has 4 sleeping quarters with quality furniture like bedroom furniture Perth. It has a master bedroom on the upper floor. It has also an attic which can be made into library or workplace. Other amenities of the home include a gym and steam bath room.

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