Safety Issues With Combustion Gas Equipment

It was reported that a certain industrial explosion coming from a gas pipe killed at least four workers in North Carolina. Another boiler related explosion which took place in Michigan killed five people. Another explosion coming from a power plant gas piping construction in Connecticut also claimed the lives of five people.

These tragedies may have made the headlines of national newspapers but there are hundreds of other related stories that have not made it to the newsstand. These were simply overlooked. These different incidents have proven that regardless of the scope or size of the plant, whenever the fuel systems as well as combustion equipments are the issue, the devastation can be very deadly and massive. These tragedies that claimed the lives of innocent people would have been prevented had safety standards and guidelines been followed and if these were better enforced and understood.

From centuries ago, certainly the safety issues for industrial and manufacturing facilities where the use of fuel-fired equipments is abundant has improved dramatically. Years ago, boiler explosions were welcomed as part of the industry everyday occurrence. However, statistics would reveal that accidents occurring that happen because of malfunctioning equipments and fuel systems are still too high. It seems that the industry has hit a plateau when it comes to combustion and fuel equipment safety. Perhaps the answer to this is the aging infrastructure in plants and facilities or the lack of enforcement of the existing standards and codes. The reason can also be related to the economy- the economic downturns will often take a toll on training, safety and maintenance issues.

Regardless what your reasons may be, it should not have to happen this way. When lives of people are at stake, excuses will not matter. The safety of the combustion equipment is very critical to the daily operation of the plant facilities as well as the safety of every employee. If the plant facility is location in Nottingham, ensure that it has the necessary gas safety certificates Nottingham. This way, you will be able to tell that the plant or facility follows the safety guidelines.

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