All About Removals Cost – Extensive Breakdown Of Pricing And Ways To Save

Cost is one of the major deciding factors in selecting the most appropriate removal company. Sydney removals ballpark figure for removals cost ranges from $300 – $3500, the difference mainly is factored in by the number of movers required, the number of rooms, the number of belongings and the hours it takes for the entire process.

Why do the prices vary so much?

Sydney removals companies offer different estimates depending on the components needed for the move. All clients have a unique home set up, therefore entails different needs. Your belongings may include hard to reach items that are difficult to access. The task to be undertaken is not to be underestimated, that is why it should fairly reflect in the quote. It is based on a number of factors: overall volume of components to be moved, the access of both origin and destination properties, the distance between both properties, different services availed of, items that require special care and items that require special handling.

Volume is usually estimated per cubic feet, necessary in determining the size of vehicle required, the time it requires to pack them, and the materials to use to pack them accordingly. The vehicle access is also important, like how far can the mover’s vehicle park from the property of origin or the destination property. This is important so they will know if they will have to bring small transport equipment. Clients also have full control of the services to avail, like full packing or partial packing. If you pack the items yourself it will cost you less.

Cost breakdown

The average estimate of $300 – $3,500 is the total cost estimate. The exact charges are around $110 per hour for moving small items, and may take around 2-3 hours. The price for a one bedroom apartment using two movers taking 3-5 hours is $125 per hour. For a small three -bedroom apartment that requires 3 movers and may essentially take 4 – 6 hours is charged $175 per hour. It varies largely if it is a large three bedroom house that may require 4 or more movers, requiring 6 – 8 hours, because the rate will be around $245 per hour.

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