Rare Experiences In A Southeast Asian Family Holiday

Thailand is the favorite destination of adventurous travelers whether a 60-year old grandparent or an 8-year old kid. Families are quick to pack their bags and trek off to the unknown with both grandparents and kids in pursuit of quality time. Families that do not spend time often because of their schedules enjoy some precious bonding moments when they take a trip to a different country.

Thailand is popular for its beautiful beaches and appealing cuisine with Vietnam and Cambodia closely following behind in the number of visitors. Southeast Asia is perfect for a family holiday because there is a perfect balance of fun, history, culture and relaxation. Members of the family can make their own choices and have their own space.

For example, mom might prefer to sunbathe by the beach while the kids enjoy the swimming pools. Dad can turn up in his crocs and enjoy a night out at one of the bars. The highlight of the trip will be a family dinner at one of the trendiest restaurants with enough time to stop for an ice cream or beer.

Three-generation holidays are fun but it works better is everyone is willing to compromise. There are a variety of local activities for different interests and energy levels. If you spend a holiday in the Caribbean, you will not experience the tuk-tuk that is an efficient and economical transport to get around Bangkok. While fare may be the same as a taxi to the same destination, riding the tuk-tuk is definitely a unique experience.

Family relationships are strengthened when you travel together. Children can make friends with their own age-groups while adults will always have company. It takes the pressure off entertaining because there are many activities to enjoy for different generations.

However, travelers who want to pursue unique activities need to connect to locals who provide them. Flyfish, a mobile app, makes it easy and convenient to book for authentic adventures. For example, if your passion is photography, the mobile app will connect you to a local photographer who knows the right places where you can find breath-taking views.

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