QMS Media Secures Signage Rights

QMS Media, one of Australia’s leading outdoor media companies, responsible for providing quality signage across the world, a signage company in Sydney, among many others, has recently announced a contract deal with Netball Australia.

The company made this important announcement via one of its many subsidiaries, Out & About Media & Marketing (OAMM), one of the more recent acquisitions made by the company. The contract deal with Netball Australia means that QMS Media is now the official partner for all the group’s digital signage needs. This contract provides QMS with exclusive rights to any media activity in the stadiums for the Suncorp Super Netball series, Australia’s premier netball league, composed of 57 home and away games, ending with 4 finals games. 28 of these games set for live primetime TV broadcast on the Nine Network. For additional coverage, every last game is available for live streaming via Netball live, thanks to a media agreement with Telstra.

The CEO of QMS Media, Barclay Nettlefold, stated that the company is excited to have secured such a promising partnership with Netball Australia, which he adds is the company’s first since their recent acquisition of OAMM near last year’s tail end. According to Mr. Nettleford, this partnership allows QMS to grant access to the highly-sought after event.

Marne Fechner, current acting chief executive for Netball Australia, says that the group reciprocates QMS Media’s enthusiasm, stating that with the sport growing as it is, QMS’s track record will help in reinforcing the growth of netball as the premiere women’s sport in Australia.

Edward Abbott, CEO of OABB, reiterated this sentiment, stating that netball’s appeal to women everywhere in Australia, stating that their brand partners would gain great benefit from this partnership. He adds that OABB is looking forward to having netball as part of their portfolio.

This partnership reinforces QMS’s status as a heavyweight in the field of digital media solutions, helped by its numerous other contracts for stadium media, and sponsorships throughout Australia and New Zealand. The digital media provider, also operating as a signage company in Sydney, grants advertisers the ability to reach out to millions of interested viewers through a myriad of media outlets.

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