Procedures Involved In Enrolling For Outpatient Rehab Program

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a serious and chronic disease that affects the personal and work lives of the patients. Addiction should be treated properly like any other disease to help the patients come out of it. Rehabilitation centers are of great help to the patients suffering with addiction. They offer the necessary treatment and support for patients and help them to wean away from substance abuse.

The outpatient rehabilitation program is the most preferred program by most patients. The California Outpatient Rehab involves psychological and behavioral treatment to the patients in a rehab center. The patients are required to attend the different therapy and counselling sessions according to the given schedule. The outpatient programs are most suitable for patients who want to continue with their routine activities while attending the rehab program. It is suitable for patients in the early stages substance abuse and with strong determination to overcome it.

The process of enrolling for a California Outpatient Rehab involves some procedures.

  • The first procedure before you start the rehab program is screening and intake. The California Outpatient Rehab center will perform certain tests and devise a suitable treatment plan. The screening procedure helps them to determine whether outpatient treatment is sufficient to treat your condition or an intensive inpatient program is required. The tests determine the nature and level of addiction, general health condition, previous rehab treatments if any and the personal motivation of the patient to fight addiction. Once the facility confirms your eligibility for outpatient program, the patient has to register for the therapy by signing the consent form and providing personal and financial details.
  • The next steps are orientation about the goals and rules of the Outpatient Rehab center, assessment of the present condition of the patient and devising an appropriate treatment plan and drug testing before entering the clinic.
  • The actual treatment of the Outpatient Rehab starts after this stage. The treatment involves individual and group therapy sessions. The treatment involves education about the consequences of drug abuse, family counselling and support groups, twenty-four hour crisis management and close monitoring of drug abuse.
  • The final step in California Outpatient Rehab involves aftercare and support services. These services include forming support groups outside the clinic.
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