Plastic Instead Of Aluminum For Reed Valves

Twenty one years, two brothers who did not have any formal technical training created a business that became famous in the world of motorcycles. Steve and Scott Tassinari created a better design for the reed valve that is used to control the mixture of fuel and air on the engine’s cylinder. Today, the company Moto Tassinari has become a leading global producer of reed valves as well as intake manifolds for the two-stroke engine aftermarket.

Steve who is the older of the Tassinari brothers is the creative technical brains behind the design of the reed valve. He tried the design on his own motorcycles and saw that it resulted to better engine timing, higher horsepower and better acceleration. When these performance enhancements are combined with the skills of a motorcycle rider, it will certainly give a big edge in racing.

The existing designs for reed valves made use of cast aluminum. After working long hours to perfect the design, the brother’s decided to switch to plastic. No one has ever done this before but the snowmobile loved the design because they saw the opportunity for better performance. The brothers went back to the drawing board to create a design that will survive the harsh environment that motorcycles are exposed to.

From their hard work, the brothers were able to develop a new design, the V-Force 2 whose performance was greatly improved. In 2003, the next generation valve called the V-Force 3 was introduced. The valve did not require any maintenance and was ready to be sold to the market immediately after removal from the molding machine. V-Force 4 is now available in the market.

The Tassinari brothers proved that plastic can be used to produce reed valves instead of aluminum. Besides being better, the valves were more cost effective. Different companies have tried to copy the valve but no one has met the high level of performance.

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