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Texas Adds Solar Capacity To Provide Power To More Homes

Electricity costs are very high in Australia but there is a better option in solar panels on the Gold Coast to do away with electricity bills. Sunlight is abundant in the Gold Coast with 300 sunny days every year. On the average, a property will gain 4.2 hours of full sunlight and 12 sunlight hours every day of the year. Another place where there is abundant sunshine is Texas that is why it is one of America’s hottest solar markets.

In the 3rd quarter of the year, Texas added 227 megawatts of solar capacity enough to provide power to 44,000 homes. According to GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association, this was more than what Texas added in 2015. Nationally, the US was able to add more than 22,000 megawatts of solar capacity during the 3rd quarter.

However, in spite of abundant sunshine and its large population, Texas only ranks 7th in installed solar capacity. Solar power accounts for less than 1% of the electricity being generated from utilities. There were several factors that slowed down growth of solar power. The industry expected a reduction after the record 2016 when companies struggled to be able to beat the tax incentive deadline that was later extended. Other factors include the potential for import tariff on solar cells and some rooftop solar companies leaving the less profitable markets.

A steady growth for solar power nationally is predicted by US Energy Information Administration with utility-solar scale providing 27 gigawatts of capacity by end of 2017, up from 2016’s 22 gigawatts. By the end of 2018, the amount of solar is predicted to increase to 30 gigawatts. On the other hand, there have been uncertainties in the solar market this year after 2 companies petitioned the federal government to impose tariffs one foreign-made solar cell and panels.

Solar is a growing energy source in Australia because of the reduction in electricity bills. Installations of solar panels on the Gold Coast significantly increase the value of the property when it is time to sell. Home buyers are attracted to solar roofs knowing that they can save on electricity bills.

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Shop Fit-Out To Create An Ambiance Of Elegance And Sophistication

Consumers usually judge a business based on its shop front but it does not mean that business owners must overlook the importance of interior design. Space must be maximized so that customers will feel happy and comfortable. Expert designers from shop fitouts in Canberra will deliver the right solutions to create a great impression to potential customers.

Portview Fit-out has finally completed the year-long renovation of Liberty London with the opening of the new restaurant and bar Arthur’s. Arthur’s is the epitome of decadence and sophistication in equal measure. The art deco inspired elements were cleverly combined with contemporary touches to provide a unique allure that perfectly represents Liberty.

Liberty is one of the most iconic destinations for retail businesses in London because of its rich history and eclectic individuality. The ambitious renovation delivered a beautiful restaurant that represents the craftsmanship, elegance and artistry of Liberty.

For the last 12 months, Liberty has undergone an extensive shop fitout for the expansion of the menswear and women’s wear departments. The fitout added a new mini British food hall that offers the finest local produce for consumers.

Nick Leith-Smith an architecture consultant designed the interiors that featured a sculptural copper installation at the entrance, a semi-circular banquette-type seating, glittering warm brass and copper details and upholstered velvet with alternating colours of midnight blue, teal green and dusty pink.

Meanwhile, Arthur’s mouth-watering menus created by culinary experts make use of the local produce. The debut opening of Arthur’s is the highlight of the entire renovation process of Liberty. Customers are offered a beautiful setting where they can enjoy the best artisan food after a shopping spree.

Portview Fit-Out managing director Simon Campbell is very happy with their accomplishments in Liberty particularly Arthur’s. They look forward to the strengthening of their relationships with Liberty.

A team of designers at shop fitouts in Canberra will deliver the right solution so that your business can make good use of the space available. The design can be either minimalist or visually impressive to express the business’ visions and goals. The team guarantees an end result that is well designed and aesthetically appealing.

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Property By The Sea

Wood Marsh Architecture is currently developing their latest luxury apartment located across the Brighton Beach Gardens and the Green Point Park. It is located in one of the prime location in Melbourne. The apartment does not only boast of travertine bathroom sinks but it is an exclusive development with 11 and a half floors. All the apartments are the same size as regular residence. Its location is right in the middle of Brighton Middle Beach and Brighton Beach.

The development is only a few minute walk away from Royal Brighton Yacht Club as well as the Middle Brighton Sea Baths. It is also close to Church Street which offers cafes and shops that are styled as villages.

26 Esplanade is composed of four residences, each occupying the entire floors with 262 square meters space. 28 Esplanade, on the one hand, has six residences and each are occupying half of the floor with 223 square meters. They also have a super penthouse with 460 square meters composed of three bedrooms and two studies. It also comes with a roof terrace spanning 150 square meters which can be accessed through a private lift.

The residential development follows the form of a sculpture and is proud to have 180 degrees view overlooking the bat as well as the coastal dunes.

One of the founding partners of Wood Marsh, Randal Marsh, said that both the developments are designed to be positioned with the beautiful landscape. A language of architecture is made sure to co-exist between the buildings but each of them has a unique character.

The first building is covered in zinc while the other one is masonry in off-white color. These materials are both suited for the coastal surroundings. Looking at the buildings, they appear to be shying away from one another in order to allow the coast to be visible at the core of the project.

Each of the dwellings has water views from the living space, kitchen area and even the bedrooms.

The bathrooms are equipped with travertine bathroom sinks, vanity units and floors while every apartment comes with a steam room.

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Things To Consider In Choosing ID Card Printer

In almost every office, you will find an ID card printer whether it is the handy type or the bigger type with various functions. You can easily find ID card printers from different online shops and even from local offline shops. There are also a lot of brands for you to choose from so you will not run out of options when shopping for an id printer. To narrow down your choices, take a look at these considerations.

Easy to use

Choose an ID card printer that is easy to use even by those who are not equipment savvy. The buttons should be visible with clear functions. It would also be helpful if the product has user’s manual that you can refer. Pick an ID card printer with digital display for easier identification of printing status.

Reliable brand

You can find a lot of printer brands in the market for you to choose from but to get a reliable unit, conduct a research to determine which of the brands are trusted by more buyers. You can refer to review sites that specifically tackles different printer brands or you can also consult your friends in the industry who are using ID card printers for more ideas.


There are several advantages if you will choose a multi-functional printer. One is that you will surely save money out of it since you will only buy a single unit with several functions instead of buying several equipment with different functions. You will also save space in your office and it will also be convenient for you and the members of your organization since they will only refer to a single equipment instead of using several others. You can find card printers that comes with photocopier and can also print images and documents aside from IDs.


More importantly, choose an ID card printer that suits your budget. You might want to look for discounted products or units from trusted brand but a lower version or earlier model. Even if the printer is not the latest model, you can bank on the reliability of the brand.

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The New Chinatown Of Bangkok Uncovered

There is a Chinatown in Bangkok worth visiting and it is not located in Yunnan nor can it be found in Yaowarat Road. This new Chinatown is not even close to the original one where it is slowly changing because of developments and modernization. It is located in the HuaiKhwang district of Bangkok and can be found in the one half-kilometre road that stretches through the Pracha Rat Bamphen. To get to this new hub, tourists should book a hotel near Bangkok subway as it is easier to access. This is where they will be able to experience the Chinese culture as well as delve into the businesses offered by Chinese.

Looking at the left and ride side of the road, one can see Chinese signs everywhere. There are shops selling mala hot pot, gyoza from the northern part and tender pork dishes which are originally from the province of Yunnan.

The location is dubbed as the new Chinatown and tourists and locals alike are tempted to dine and wine as well as experience other Chinese cuisine which is not too common in the regions of Thailand.

The obvious difference between the place and the original Chinatown is the lock of temples or shrines, there is no Chinatown Gate and there is no presence of Chinese associations or clans in the area.

According to ChadaTriamvithaya, a researcher that specializes in Chinese migration in the country, at this point of time the place can be referred to as a Chinese hub since it is still on the developing phase. It cannot be considered Chinatown yet because settlement is necessary. It is a hub since Chinese New Year celebration means the place is empty as everyone else goes back to their homes. In the case of Yaowarat, associations are present in the area and none in HuaiKhwang.

In the last twenty years, many Chinese have relocated from Hong Kong and Taiwan because the rent in Thailand is reasonable, accessible to roads and the Chinese embassy is near. Tourists staying at hotel near Bangkok subway will only need to walk a minute as soon as they exit MRT HuaiKhwang.

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How To Choose A Japanese Restaurant In Sukhumvit

You can enjoy Japanese food in different ways. But the surest and easiest way to do that is to get into a Japanese restaurant in Sukhumvit where you can take pleasure in feasting authentic Japanese cuisines that are carefully and artistically prepared by professional Japanese chefs using the freshest ingredients that are still imported from Japan. You will know that you are looking at an authentic and reputable Japanese restaurant if you can find the following features.

Offers authentic Japanese dishes

What makes a restaurant a truly Japanese one are the authentic Japanese dishes that they offer. Japanese dishes are prepared with expertise and by deft hands. Sushi, tempura, sashimi, beef or chicken steak, teriyaki and other popular soups and dishes can only be prepared by those who have the right training on Japanese food preparation. Check the restaurant’s menu from its website to find out what dishes they offer.

Specials and promos

Choose a Japanese restaurant in Sukhumvit that offers their food at reasonable price. There are Japanese restaurants that offer deals and promos including seasonal menus and lunch specials to the delight of Japanese food lovers. The dishes can be delivered or you can have it in unlimited ala carte lunch during Sundays at the restaurant. You can also find a Japanese restaurant that offers discounts and privileges for a more affordable dining experience.

Wide-ranging menu

Another feature to check from a Japanese restaurant is the array of dishes that customers can enjoy. The dishes should be varied for customer to have better options. There are restaurants that offer seasonal menu with the freshest ingredients that are locally grown in Japan.

Offers delivery and reservation services

One indication that you are looking at a reputableJapanese restaurant in Sukhumvit is they offer convenient services to their customers. Some of the excellent services offered by a restaurant should be delivery services and online reservations. Specialty restaurants can easily get fully booked especially on weekends. If you don’t feel like going out but wants to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine, all you have to do is have the food delivered right to your hotel room.

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Team Building Activities Help School Students Overcome Biggest Rival In Volleyball Game

Members of Washington-based school’s volleyball team claim that team bonding activities really helped them win their final against their rival school. Borgia’s junior libero, by the name of Paige Lynn claims that their nail-biting 26-24, 26-24 win over their rival O’Fallon Christian was a result of the team bonding activities that they had taken up 48 hours prior. It all started on their family farm in the nearby city of Labadie, she says.

Another member of the team, Kaylee Parks, also states how their team building is necessary for them to win big games and gets them in the right frame of mind, with everyone coherently working towards their objective of winning. These players gathered at the farm and spent some time on a hay ride, cooking up some smores and watching some horror movie. Even their coach condones this behaviour stating that it’s a classic tradition at their school.

Another classic tradition in Borgia is winning. This isn’t the first time that this school has won. It is actually their 20th successive title even though their rival school was the top seeded to win the title this year. Now this school is moving out of the District to the Sectional play and will soon be playing against the winning team of District 5. This is how teams are made. It isn’t just teamwork on the court that keeps them together. It is a sense of belonging inculcated in the team’s members with team building activities like these that keep their focus and unity strong.

The team’s playing statistics show how they held a balanced attack with many of the teammates showing up with impressive kills and spikes. Most people didn’t really think that Borgia could win the title a record 20th time, what with their abysmal performances in the beginning of the season, but with this nerve-wracking win over O’Fallon Christian, they have definitely proved a point. This also seems to be the best time for Borgia to be hitting a winning streak, as they will now play in the sectionals or quarter-finals, after which they will move to the semi-finals and finally on to the finals where they will battle to be the best women’s volleyball team in America.

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