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Ten Effective Tips To Help TEFL Teachers That Are Feeling Tired

Thailand – March 4, 2016 – No matter how much you love your profession, there will always be days when it can get quite overwhelming. The fact is that when you constantly do the same thing every single day, chances are you would get tired of doing it. The same goes with TEFL teachers. No matter how much they love teaching English to their non-English speaking students, they can also get exhausted or tired especially when they have an overwhelming workload. But if you are a TEFL teacher and you get tired of your work, it doesn’t mean that you should give it up. You just have to rethink your working strategies and renew your passion.

Here are some tips to help tired TEFL teachers.

  1. Tidy your desk. If you are feeling exhausted from all the work and you can’t seem to think properly, then maybe it is time to clean out your desk. Having a cluttered working space can definitely add to the stress that you are feeling. Allocate 30 minutes of your time cleaning out all of the unnecessary junk on your table or desk. Just leave out all the important items and sort them out.
  2. Make your lessons more fun. Whenever you are working on your lesson plan, make sure that it is centered on your students. Add a little bit of fun into your lesson so that your students will become more engaged to learn. When your students have fun, you too will start to enjoy the class. Seeing your students learn and have fun can work wonders on you.
  3. Get a new perspective. If you are feeling a little tired, then maybe it is time to look at things much differently. Come up with a different teaching approach. Observe your colleague’s teaching styles. Find out how they differ from you and what you can do to make yourself better.
  4. Brainstorm fresh ideas. Make an activity grid to make sure that you have tons of great activities for you and your students to do. Seek help from your colleagues and brainstorm ideas together. Remember, the more engaged you are in TEFL Thailand, the less tired you’ll be.
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Interesting Uses For Brown Paper Bags You May Not Know About

CA – February 11, 2016 – Brown paper bags are a great alternative to plastic bags because they are more environment-friendly and pose fewer risks than plastic bags. For this reason, there are a lot of grocery stores and supermarkets that promote the use of brown paper bags. However, one of the biggest problems concerning paper bags is that they tend to pile up. Since people shop for groceries a lot, they tend to take home with them a number of paper bags that would be left unused causing them to pile up. When they do, the homeowners would then throw those brown paper bags away. Know that when you do so, you are not just harming the environment by taking these paper bags to a landfill you are also wasting great recycling opportunities.

Brown paper bags can be reused in a number of ways. All you have to is be creative and use your mind. Here are some interesting uses for brown paper bags that you are probably unaware of.

  1. Wrapping Paper. Yes, if a special occasion is coming up soon, why not wrap your gift with brown paper bags? Upon doing so, you’ll find that brown paper bags can make very attractive wrapping paper. Just make sure to use clean and undamaged paper bags. Adding a few decorative items such as ribbons can also enhance its appearance.
  2. Mini Scrapbook. What you probably don’t know is that you can also use brown paper bags as pages for a scrapbook. By doing so, you can effectively cut costs on supplies for the scrapbook.
  3. Turn your brown paper bags into envelopes by cutting and folding away. If you have a large stock of brown paper bags, turning them into envelopes can help you store them easier for future use.
  4. Transform paper bags into bright, colorful luminaries for the next special occasion!
  5. Compost Material. One of the most environment-friendly uses for Paper Mart paper bags is that they can also be used for compost. Shred them and add them to your compost pile to boost the browns.
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The Growing Disappointment Over The All-White Oscar Nominees

Whoopi Goldberg has made it clear on last Tuesday’s The View that she was disappointed with the Oscar’s lack of non-white nominees. She further insists that there are larger issues behind the controversial lack of diversity in Hollywood. According to Goldberg, she is pissed every year on the lack of support for small companies that produce movies.

Goldberg explained that the blame is not on the Academy members who decide whether or not to vote for a black or white movie. The issue is there aren’t enough movies with diverse casts that get financing for production. People who do the nominating do not look at a movie and say that they are not going to nominate it because it happens to be a black movie. The problem is money do not come because of the assumption that there is no place for black movies.

In the history of movies, there has never been a plethora of movies with blacks in them. Goldberg used Avengers as an example. Avengers has white folks saving the earth and although Goldberg wants to be among them, no one is calling her for a role. Goldberg has predicted that the Oscars will continue to have a diversity problem until more movies are made with diverse colors.

On the other hand, Goldberg thinks it is not right to boycott the Oscars because it will be a slap on Chris Rock who will be hosting the show. She will continue to bitch but she is not for boycott. Spike Lee refuses to attend the Oscars because for the second time in a row, the nominees are all-whites. He means no disrespect to Chris Rock but all the 20 contenders for the Actor category are all white. Lee also echoes the sentiments of entertainment industry insiders that the opportunities to make movies with diverse actors are really up to Hollywood executives.

The controversy on the Academy Awards continues and many actors have their own opinions and comments. Continue to access for the latest entertainment news. Controversial stories are featured but there is also trending news on the latest Hollywood movies that you can look forward to.

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Ecommerce Predictions For 2016

If businesses fail to keep pace with the changing technology trends, they face the risks of becoming irrelevant. This is applicable to all industries including ecommerce. In India, several reports have predicted the rise of ecommerce in the Indian market. In fact, eMarketer stated that growth in ecommerce sales will reach $14 billion in 2015 and $55 billion in 2018. 2016 will be a very decisive year because a lot of changes will evolve with some reaching maturity.

Global ecommerce companies that include Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal will face competition from small innovative brands as well as brick and mortar stores like the Tata Group and Aditya Birla Group who have also announced recently that they are joining the global online market. A price war is inevitable because those who will be able to provide the best deal will win the hearts of consumers. However, to sustain long term profitability, online stores must be able to provide customers with lasting value proposition that is beyond price. It is expected that competition will be a lot more intense in the coming year.

With the overwhelming growth in smartphone usage, experts believe that mobile will be the future of ecommerce. Mobile optimization will no longer be just an additional feature but an important requisite in 2016. According to a report released by market research firm Zillow, the mobile commerce market of India will reach about $19 billion by 2019, an 850% increase over its current size of $2 billion. The availability of cheap mobile data plans is expected to boost internet usage and mobile shopping.

Since there are multiple channels that can be used for online shopping, people will shop more. Brands will target consumers through traditional email marketing, customized promos and discounts, user-friendly shopping carts and automatic display of products. Content marketing will remain to be an effective strategy to engage and sell.

Ecommerce will remain competitive that is why you need to have a professionally designed website that has the ability to compete with other businesses. Your website can be custom designed through to suit your requirements. Expert designers will help you achieve the results your business requires.

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The Role Of Thermodynamic Analysis In Commercial Electrical Installations

Thermodynamic analysis is used to inspect electrical equipment to detect asymmetries and overloads. The thermodynamics instrument is also used in inspecting defective insulators, crimp equipment and overheating in mechanical components. However, thermodynamics has many other uses aside from the maintenance of electrical infrastructure.

If you belong to an electrical contracting firm, it is very likely that you have the thermodynamics instrument because you can use it for other non-electrical problems. If you work in some other venue like house maintenance, the logic of thermodynamics can be applied to energy improvements in the building. The goal of a thermodynamic analysis on a facility is to determine where heat is generated, where it is leaked and where it is pooled.

One you have made sense of how heat flows through a building, you will know where to install fans for redistribution, redirection or exhaustion of heat. To put it simply, the exterior walls of a factory are made from corrugated metal and insulated with R-4. Usually, the walls have gaps that result to heat losses during winter. On the other hand, the administrative offices are made from better materials and are well insulated. Generally, the offices have an HVAC system and they do suffer from energy problems.

During summer, the workers at the factory open the windows and run 120V floor fans. The fans do not solve the heat problems because random placement causes them to fight with each other. During winter, space heaters and heat coming production equipment keep the factory reasonably warm but the heat tends to pool in certain areas or flow to the thermal weak spots of the building envelope. What the building needs is proper heat and air flow management so that winter heat will not be wasted and summer heat is properly exhausted.

Commercial electrician services know the proper solution through the help of the thermodynamics instrument. It may involve moving equipment based on the heat flow documented by the instrument. This may require more electrical work but the investment is minimal because production becomes more competitive. Commercial electrician services look beyond the electrical infrastructure to create a proper heat control system.

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Why The Packaging Of Products Is Very Important

According to research, on an annual basis, 95 percent of new products introduced in the market fail. The reason behind this is quite simple: most of the customers do not have the energy and time in weighing the benefits and downsides of the products in their shopping carts. Hence, they resort to a shortcut in making their decision which product to buy. The shortcut is the packaging of the product.

The packaging of the product can be very powerful since it tells the customers why the product and brand are different from each other. Everyone knows that Apple is known for a clean packaging or one with minimal packaging on its products. If you package your products poorly, this can have an adverse impact on your sales. Australia just recently instituted a packaging law for its cigarettes. The removal of the government of the packaging branding rights aims at discouraging the younger generations from smoking. Not only can cigarette producers not use their logo but it cannot also make use of its typeface. The packages are being covered with health warnings as well as graphic images which deter smoking. This technique resulted in the biggest decline of smoking in Australia within the last two decades.

When you want to attract people in buying your product, you need to package it in a way that it stands up from the rest of competition. First, you need to know your demographic. You should not be afraid to go bold on colors and letter fonts.

If you are tight on budget, you can opt for cheap packaging but ensure that it looks personalized and chic. A great packaging does not have to be expensive. You can give a personal inexpensive touch to your products that will make each item feel on the high-end. You should also make the packaging part of the user experience. One of the major reasons why people buy classy items is the packaging that comes with it. When designing the package, consider some eco friendly options. You can make use of Paper Mart boxes as a start and look for other preferred materials.

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Here’s how you can become a Happy Tenant

Just face it, renting can be very stressful. Not only do you need to work hard to be in good graces with your landlord, you also have to be friendly with other tenants as well. Unfortunately, there are people who have no choice but to rent. College students who are looking for temporary residence while they are studying, and even average adults who can’t afford to buy their own house yet.

Disputes with agents, landlords and even tenants can become frustrating but if you want to avoid all of that stress when you rent a flat, here’s how you can become a happy or a happier tenant.

  1. REJECT THE FEES. Anyone can become a letting agent. What’s worse is when they try to impose an insane amount of fees. That is why before you hire a letting agent make sure you clarify all the fees you would need to pay in order to avoid paying for extras. Also, make sure to hire an agent that is a member of a professional and government recognized organization. You don’t have to pay a registration fee with the agency although you do have to pay a month’s worth in advance rent.
  2. UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU’RE SIGNING. Make sure that you understand what kind of agreement you are getting into. Basically, there are two types of tenancies you can sign. It could either be joint or separate tenancies. Joint tenancies are when tenants sign one agreement with the landlord and the problem with this is that all of you are equally responsible as the other. You basically have the same rights. Sadly, in this agreement, if one tenant does not pay his/her due, you might end up paying because it is in the agreement. Also, joint tenancies do not allow you to kick out a trouble housemate.
  3. DEPOSIT PROTECTION. Know how your deposit is being protected by the landlord. It is their responsibility to inform you how your deposit is being protected.
  4. GET A GUARANTOR. Mostly for students, landlords will ask a guarantor who will pay the rent in the case the tenant does not. This is usually the parents of the tenant but guarantors might experience a problem when the tenant is in a joint tenancy.
  5. KEEP GOOD. Make sure you are paying the rent up to date. Avoid any disputes with the tenants and especially the landlord. Avoid getting into trouble, especially legal ones. Always check for your security, safety and try getting insurance.
  6. GET YOUR DEPOSIT UPON EXIT. Your landlord is not allowed to keep your deposit under any circumstances.
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