Melbourne Homes Experienced Street Art

Street art is now considered a trend and many Australians are opting for bolder choices when it comes to home decorating. This is good news for artists specializing in residential murals because of the booming business.

Renata Caia is a mural painter working for Artistic Murals Melbourne. She is busy and her schedule is getting packed with painting works in pool sides, restaurants and cafes. She is also booked in painting children’s bedroom. Her latest project was for the country community hall wherein she has to paint larger than life super heroes.

Caia shared that it is not what it used to be when it comes to how people decorate their spaces all over the house including the rooms. People are now opting for this especially if they have a feature wall or if they want to have something unique in their kid’s bedroom. The usual screen has become too common for households and many are turning to this new trend. Every mural that she is painting is unique for every household and it fits the space where she is tasked to paint. She made sure that everyone has a different painting from everybody else.

Caia most recently tackled a warehouse conversion located in West Melbourne, it was actually her house. The building is a factory that has been transformed into apartments back in the early 20th century. The corporation of the building’s new owner decided that it would be nice to have a mural on the northern stairwell until the second floor was painted as well by the same artist. This is when Caia noticed that there is a blank space left on their end of the balcony. They decided to create a painting with l’oeil style.

There is another mural artist in the area, the 90 Degrees Graffiti. They specialize in transforming suburban homes with street arts. Dan Wenn is the artist behind the team. They are not just painting old warehouses but residential murals are now becoming more popular.

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