Love Around Melbourne

Engagements seem to be a thing of the present. There are more and more engagements being featured in the news and being shared with the public. It might be they are super happy or they want to flaunt their sparkling engagement rings or both. Whatever the reason might be, it is undeniable that every day seems to be a time for engagements.

Just recently, engagement rings in Melbourne are quite being blatantly displayed for the appreciation of viewers and followers alike. In a span of a couple of weeks, news of engagements is nonstop. Pictures of engagement rings are popping up all over. Take good note of the following events where photos, though sometimes not so blatantly shown, are displaying engagement rings that might make you drool with envy, on the fact that they are engaged or the fact that the engagement rings they are wearing are works of beauty.

One example (although engagement was confirmed early 2016) is the constant IG posts of ShaninaShaik, Australia’s modelling pride. Her showing off the first permanent inking she had on her right lower forearm still cannot hide the display of the engagement ring that her fiancé DJ Ruckus has given her. She is known to keep her followers in Instagram updated with photos and pictures of her gold hexagon cut diamond ring. It is engraved in diamonds and amethyst on its underside.

Dressed in casuals, simple and laidback, this is what Edwina Bartholomew has on her when she landed in Melbourne to attend an event. However, it seems that it still doesn’t matter and people still took notice of the engagement band that she is wearing together with her simple ensemble. On the night of the TV event that she will be attending, another engagement ring came up. This time on the hands of Erin Molan, the host of NRL Footy Show. Her engagement ring was shown and paired with a simple Karen Gee black sequined gown.

Melbourne engagement rings seem to be a thing or maybe it’s just pure coincidence that every picture shown with the pretty rings are in Melbourne. Coincidence or not, it just goes to show that no matter where you are, there is always love on the air.

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