Latina Women Stealing The Spotlight In Illustrating

White male artists are often given the recognition in the industry but rarely does female illustrators are given the chance the shine. When Julia Rothman decided to check 55 magazine covers back in 2015, she found out that only four of them have been illustrated by women. This is the reason why she created Women Who Draw together with Wendy MacNaughton. This is a venue where talented women can be highlighted and their works presented to the world. It does not matter if you are a woman of color or if you are a member of the LBTQ. These women are often not represented. This article highlights Latina illustrators and show why men are going after because Latinas have character and talent.

  • Stephanie Rodriquez. She is fond of making comics that touches on subjects such as heartbreak, slut shaming and anxiety. Her illustrations are made from the viewpoint of a woman. She is demonstrating the normal reaction of women that seeing her comics might make you think that she knows what you are going through. Rodriquez said that her comics are inspired by life experiences. Her topics usually include the life of a Latina living in New York.
  • Camila Rosa. This illustrator is born in Brazil and she loves to create illustrations with vibrant colors such as purple, pink and red. Her works are most socially conscious because according to her she wanted to change the world slowly through her art.
  • Emerald Pellot. Her artworks are mostly about women of color and empowering them. At the end of the 2016 election, she realized that she needed a change and venture into art. She said that her illustrations do not represent every woman in the world but it is her way of speaking up for the minorities to make them feel powerful.
  • Carmen Pizarro. She likes to illustrate imperfect women and this is what makes her artworks attractive. Her main inspiration in all her drawing are now women.

These women are proof that Latinas are very talented. Men who are checking out should be on the lookout as they can be very expressive.

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