Jazz Performances Inside A Huge Outdoor Marquee

One of the reasons why a marquee is popular for outdoor events is the fact that it is not totally enclosed. The outdoor feeling is real because a guest can feel the occasional cool breeze that flows freely inside the marquee. The décor and setting can be refreshingly different with the traditional roundtable setting at the centre with the wings arranged in executive seating style.

For the very first since its inception in 2014, Neptunez will take place in a huge outdoor marquee at Kegali Serena Hotel. Previous monthly jazz forums were held in the ballroom of Serena Hotel. As usual, Neptunez Band, the Junction’s resident band will be on hand to start the bell rolling. The main acts of the evening will include Kenyan Afro Jazz CeceSagini and Rwanda’s Nubian Gypsies band.

The crowd seemed to agree that taking the event out of the ballroom into the outdoors was the right decision. First of all, it removed the stiffness and monotony from the event that has been happening consistently every last Friday of the month since 2014. Some of the ardent and loyal fans of the Jazz Junction appreciated the performances more so because it was held outdoors.

Many of the fans simply stood by the bar tables that dotted the tents while two server points ensured that there will no lines for drink orders. Outside the tent, a grill was set up where fans can order roast meat and hot snacks likes samosas.

Because the event was held outdoors, the stage became larger and more colourful. It was also elevated so that the crowd did not have to crane their necks from where they were seating or standing. When Sagini came on stage, the crowd interacted by dancing vigorously in circles. It was clear that the decision to hold the event outdoors was very successful.

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