Impact Of Flexible Circuit By Tesla To Wiring Companies

Things might never be the same again after the introduction of flexible circuit technology developed by Tesla. This will ultimately have an effect in companies that manufacture wirings as well as various electrical products.

Lear Corporation, a company that specialized in manufacturing wiring and flexible connector is the main focus of discussions in the impending introduction of flex circuit technology. Many believe that because of flex circuit technology the demand for cables and wirings in the coming years might not be the same.

Chris McNally who is an analyst working for Evercore ISI said in their earnings report that he thinks that flex circuits might have a considerable impact on wiring demand. It is expected that the demand will lessen and it will eventually have a huge impact to the business operation and revenue of Lear.

According to the executive working at Lear Corporation, Frank Orsini, they are not worried about the prospect of the impact.

Orsini said that flex circuits as well as its various applications is not surprising news for Lear. He said that they have employed flexible circuits before and they have included the technology in their company portfolio. The technology is quite expensive when compared to the cost of using the traditional wire. He is proud to say that their company is good when it comes to making the architecture better thus they do not think that the demand for wire will reduce. Wires, as he said, are the most secure method of connection for the vehicle to have signal and data communication.

Flex circuits might have an impact on the production of wire and flexible connector but company executives believe that this is not something that should be treated as a big threat. Simply put, a flex circuit is a circuit system that is capable of being shaped or molded into whatever the user desires. When large projects are to be made, the use of flex circuit will significantly lessen the amount of wires and cables needed. The biggest question would be how Tesla’s flex circuit will affect the EV market and other industries associated with it.

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