Impact Of Chabad House In Laos

As the country of Laos is starting to attract more tourists, establishments are constructed everywhere from hotels in the capital to Luang Prabang luxury hotels. Out of all this, the most notable establishment that launched in Laos this year is the Chabad House. It was welcomed not too long ago, five months to be exact, and it is the 92nd country in the world to have a Chabad House. With such a short time since its operation, it has already improved. There is now a kosher restaurant available as well as prayer services done weekly. Locals can also get Torah classes while tourists will be able to enjoy the Shabbat celebrations.

The Chabad House in Laos is located in LuangPrabang, a town that is 300 kilometers of the northern part of Vientiane which is the capital city. It offers any other types of activities aside from those mentioned above.

According to SholomGlitzenstein, a rabbi, they get the opportunity to meet new Jewish people each day. He came to Laos, along with his wife, before the Chanukah took place. He shared how each day is a new experience for them. He also told the story of an English foreigner who went to the Chabad House in the hope of offering Kaddish for his beloved father. The group was able to offer a prayer service.

The minyan is comprised of 10 Jewish men and, in the case of Laos, these men are backpackers from Israel that were part of a post-military tour.

Glitzenstein is an intern rabbi and he was assigned to in Bangkok’s Chabad House for a year prior to Laos. He shared how he and his wife have decided, right after their marriage, that they are going to serve somewhere but the location is still not sure to them. In the end, it was decided that they are going to be assigned in Laos.

Chabad has long been recognized in the country because of the constant presence of rabbis in the area. They conducted summer stints and stayed during major holidays while tourists flock in Luang Prabang luxury hotels. The Chabad House in Luang Prabang is a two-story villa that is located near the night market. The most common guests of the house are Israelis.

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