How Hotels Pamper Their Guests Through The Use Of Technology

Guests were surprised upon a reaching a hotel when they spotted an iPad that has been loaded with apps that they can use to order food, to call for a car and to gain information about the hotel. This is an example on how most hotels in the United States and other parts of the world use technology to bring convenience to their guests.

Apps are not new in the hospitality industry. Apps and the use of mobile devices have exponentially grown in the industry because hotels want to pamper their guests, gain repeat business, differentiate their hotel from other brands and of course to increase revenue. These tools are available to guests 24/7 to keep them happy and to avoid the negative reviews that easily spread through social media and travel sites.

A good example is hotels in the United States that spend as much as 6% of their overall revenue to technology. According to Hospitality Technology’s 2017 Lodging Technology Study, hotels want to improve the experience of their guests on their terms and not based on what the hotel desires. The use of technology products drives loyalty and repeat business.

Hotels need to stay engaged with their guest from the time that booking is made to check-in and check-out. In the past 5 years, communication in Marriott International through mobile gadgets has quadrupled. Guests use their smart phone, tablet and laptop while staying in the hotel that is why the hotel has introduced an app in 2012 that allows guests to book for accommodation, to check-in or check-out, to receive alerts when the hotel is ready and make requests to the hotel staff.

Technology is very convenient for hotel guests because it allow them to easily resolve any problems. There is a very high satisfaction rate when the guest is happy with the hotel service.

The convenience and satisfaction of guests is the major goal of convenient hotel in Patong. The hotel offers guests a wide selection of indoor and outdoor activities, Thai cooking classes, massage therapy sessions and theme nights with a variety of Thai cuisines. There are also meeting rooms for business travellers.



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