How Ecommerce Benefits From Improvements In Packaging

With the tremendous boost in ecommerce, fulfillment operations are struggling to find the perfectly sized shipping boxes that will match the contents so that dimensional weight can be minimized. When UPS or FedEx assesses shipping charges, it will usually depend on dimensional weight.

In order to simplify the decision making process towards the proper size of packing boxes, on-demand box-making machinery similar to the equipment of Box in Demand can be outfitted with dimensioning technologies. Many online retailers do not have product dimensional data in their inventory management systems; however, if they have the length, width and height of each item, it will be relatively easy to generate the dimensional information about a single or multiple numbers of items through the machinery.

Rick Morse, the vice president of sales and marketing of Box on Demand, explains that many online retailers are not confident with the data collected or they are unwilling to dedicate resources required to maintain information. Morse suggests adding the dimensioning system at the point of cartonization.

The box-making machinery includes a scanning table that captures the dimensions of a single or multiple numbers of items very quickly and then the information is routed to the machine. Information collected can be added to the inventory management system in order to build a dimensional database.

Based on the dimensional data that was previously captured or stored the box-making machinery’s software algorithm can quickly calculate the optimum box size that is required. The system can be set up in a manner that will indicate a particular order which will fit into the specific box that is already in stock. It will also recommend if there is a need for a custom box. Since online stores are associated with huge volume of sales, hybrid packaging systems that include a mix of on-demand box-making equipment and a selection of standard boxes can be an ideal solution.

For ecommerce sites that are handling a large volume of orders, an option is Paper Mart boxes at highly affordable price points. Orders for Paper Mart boxes can be shipped complete 99.9% of the time because customers are their highest priority.

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