How Airbnb Helps Small Accommodation Providers To Market Their Services

Until recently, it was rather difficult for small accommodation providers like resorts, boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts and holiday apartments to market their services for short term stay. Traditional hotel chains and large resorts dominate the industry because they have the money to spend on brand marketing. However, with the internet, small accommodations are given easy access to the market for global travelers.

Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects people to unique travel experiences in more than 34,000 cities and 191 countries all over the world. Airbnb focuses on local travel experiences and encourages visitors to try and live like a local. Airbnb provides small accommodation providers with a global marketing platform to generate guest bookings.

Small accommodation providers usually engage specialist booking providers to market their properties but they have to pay a 15% to 20% commission. The properties are advertised in accommodation directories, brochures and print media. Hosts can list with Airbnb for free but they have to comply with Australian Consumer Law by avoiding false advertising and misrepresentation of property and price.

Airbnb also provides a booking platform where the hosts have considerable control. Hosts will set the availability of rooms, house rules and price of accommodation. Hosts can refuse an application for booking after viewing the guest’s profile even without stating a reason.

Various tools are provided by Airbnb to hosts that include reviews from members, verification of identity process upon arrival, on-platform member messaging to either the host or a guest and reservation requirements that the host can set up. As part of the efforts to enhance internet marketing, guests are requested to provide honest, genuine and accurate reviews which will not mislead other potential guests.

Airbnb provides online marketing services, bookings management, payment platforms and cover for property damage in order to increase occupancy in small accommodations and so that they will experience faster growth and increased profitability.

Sometimes, it makes sense to choose the smaller boutique resort in Chanthaburi instead of hotel chains. Boutique resorts are designed to provide a more intimate setting to guests with more personalized service to ensure that the stay becomes very pleasant.

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