Hidden For 80 Years, Carpet Mosaic Uncovered In Jericho

The largest carpet mosaic that can be found in the Middle East was recently uncovered by archaeologist but it only lasted for a day. Visitors were able to see the carpet with geometric as well as floral patterns in different vibrant colours such as ochre, blue and red stones.

The mosaic is said to measure 827 square meters or 8,900 square feet which covers the entire floor of the Islamic palace’s main bath house. The palace is located in close proximity to Jericho, the biblical town.

Back in the eighth century, the palace suffered destruction after an earthquake hits the location. The first persons who discovered the mosaic are Dimitri Baramki, a Palestinian archaeologist, and Robert Hamilton, a British archaeologist. It was in 1935 when they found the mosaic.

The excavation process that followed lasted for three months and they were able to reveal the stones underneath and bring it ones more to its stunning glory. The floor sections are divided into 38 parts and each of them contains the almost perfect geometric patterns which are intricately made with details.

The patterns are all in bright pinks and reds while the entire design is radiating outward going to the central mosaic which features a floral design that is composed of interlocking triangular shapes.

After its excavations in 1930s and 1940s, experts decided to cover the mosaic under a canvas in order to protect it from natural elements such as rain and sunlight.

According to Rula Ma’ayah, the minister for tourism, the mosaic which showcase 38 scenes composed of 21 colours will once be covered. This will be lifted in the event that the proposed protective roof is finished by next year.

The carpet mosaic covers the floor of the Hisham’s Palace which is a desert castle. It spans 820 meters and was created as far as back as the eighth century. The location of the palace is a vital Islamic antiquities site that is located in the northern part of the ancient city.

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