Here’s how you can become a Happy Tenant

Just face it, renting can be very stressful. Not only do you need to work hard to be in good graces with your landlord, you also have to be friendly with other tenants as well. Unfortunately, there are people who have no choice but to rent. College students who are looking for temporary residence while they are studying, and even average adults who can’t afford to buy their own house yet.

Disputes with agents, landlords and even tenants can become frustrating but if you want to avoid all of that stress when you rent a flat, here’s how you can become a happy or a happier tenant.

  1. REJECT THE FEES. Anyone can become a letting agent. What’s worse is when they try to impose an insane amount of fees. That is why before you hire a letting agent make sure you clarify all the fees you would need to pay in order to avoid paying for extras. Also, make sure to hire an agent that is a member of a professional and government recognized organization. You don’t have to pay a registration fee with the agency although you do have to pay a month’s worth in advance rent.
  2. UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU’RE SIGNING. Make sure that you understand what kind of agreement you are getting into. Basically, there are two types of tenancies you can sign. It could either be joint or separate tenancies. Joint tenancies are when tenants sign one agreement with the landlord and the problem with this is that all of you are equally responsible as the other. You basically have the same rights. Sadly, in this agreement, if one tenant does not pay his/her due, you might end up paying because it is in the agreement. Also, joint tenancies do not allow you to kick out a trouble housemate.
  3. DEPOSIT PROTECTION. Know how your deposit is being protected by the landlord. It is their responsibility to inform you how your deposit is being protected.
  4. GET A GUARANTOR. Mostly for students, landlords will ask a guarantor who will pay the rent in the case the tenant does not. This is usually the parents of the tenant but guarantors might experience a problem when the tenant is in a joint tenancy.
  5. KEEP GOOD. Make sure you are paying the rent up to date. Avoid any disputes with the tenants and especially the landlord. Avoid getting into trouble, especially legal ones. Always check for your security, safety and try getting insurance.
  6. GET YOUR DEPOSIT UPON EXIT. Your landlord is not allowed to keep your deposit under any circumstances.
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