Gifting Money For A Wedding

You might be racking your brain for the best wedding gift ideas in the upcoming event you are going to partake in and find yourself on a dead end. Should you gift something they can use at home, a personalized gift such as a word art canvas or just give money to the couple? If you plan to give money as a gift, the amount will depend on how much you know the couple. According to a survey to Canadians, they think that $147 is the average amount guests should give.

Ipsos’ recently concluded poll shows that 51 per cent of Canadians think that the acceptable cash gift for wedding couples should be between $100 and $199. Majority of them thinks that this range is an acceptable amount while many believes that spending less is the way to go.

According to president of The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, Danielle Andrews, it has been a trend in the past several years for wedding guests to give cash gifts instead of buying material things for the couple.

She added that it is not common these days to see boxes of gifts being given at a wedding ceremony. Majority of the couple who decide to marry may have been living together for a while and the guests knew that they might have majority of the things they need inside the house.

Andrews clarified that there is no right amount when it comes to gifting money. Many guests are basing the amount of their monetary gifts on the cost the couple may have spent in order for them to be included in the list. The average cash gift is between $100 and $200 for every guest.

Once you receive a wedding invitation, make sure to read if children are accepted to the party. If they are, you can add between $50 and $75 to the monetary gift you are giving in order to cover for the plate of the child during the wedding party.

Andrews said that it is expected that family members will be able to give more but it is not mandatory especially if it is not within the financial capability of the guests. There are also other wedding gift ideas they can come up with such as a personalized word art or other customized item the couple will surely love.

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