Freak Summer Weather In Sydney

Australians are not strangers to the dangers of their country’s weather, but with the weather recently, those Sydney roof repairs are going to have to be put on hold.

NSW government has issued several warning for residents due to the tumultuous weather recently, with thunderstorms and hail marking the freak weather patterns. To exacerbate matters further, there have been incidents of fires at several areas, including Harveys Road.

According to the government, this summer is shaping up to one of the hottest in history, with a record of 35OC occurring over the span of ten days. This temperature breaks records set back in the early 19th century. Bizarrely, this high temperature was contrasted by a high amount of rainfall a few weeks, prior on February 7, with over 40 mm of rainfall, which is enough to account for one-third of the average rainfall of the month in the country, which sits around the 120 mm mark.

Further worsening things is the severe thunderstorms that strike, as well as the hailstorms that batter the country. Just recently, last February 17, a severe thunderstorm struck Sydney, resulting in the disruption, if not the outright emergency shutdown of several services in the city, including the city airport, and resulting in the city transportation being sent into disarray.

The freak thunderstorm has not only damaged government services and delayed transportation, but have also resulted in several reports of injuries and hospitalizations due to electrocution. In Rouse Hill, a man working on a Tallawong Road construction site was electrocuted when he touched construction equipment that was electrified by a recent lightning strike. The 36-year old was immediately hospitalized in nearby Blacktown Hospital.

Power to several areas in Sydney were also cut, with at least 5500 homes and business being affected. Emergency crews were also sent out to restore power to several areas:

  • MacArthur region
  • Penrith district
  • North-West Sydney
  • Illawarra

The worst of the weather seems to have passed, though the damage has been done, with reports of people dying in accidents brought upon by the horrible weather conditions.  The government has urged the people to stay in their homes and stay safe. At the very least, Sydney roof repairs are bound to spike in demand in the next couple of weeks.

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