Former Chancellor Katehi Leaving House Could Cost UC Davis

FILE- This Nov. 21, 2011 file photo shows University of California, Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi, center, waiting to speak during a rally on the school's campus in Davis, Calif., after police pepper-sprayed peaceful demonstrators during a protest near the same spot. The University of California announced that the embattled chancellor of UC Davis has resigned effective Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2016. University of California Chancellor Janet Napolitano said in a statement that the investigation found numerous instances where Katehi was not candid with her office, exercised poor judgment and violated university policies. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, File)

Once Linda P.B. Katehi decides to leave the residence of the UC Davis Chancellor along with all her furniture, the university has no choice but to get new replacement for the chairs, sofas and all furnishings needed for the big space dedicated to the public area which is used to entertain visitors. The amount could reach up to tens of thousands in dollars.

According to Dana Topousis, the spokeswoman for UC Davis, a year after moving into The Residence, Katehi decided to give away the furnishings and surpluses some which are owned by the university way back in 2010. The Residence is known to have a house area of 7,779 square foot.

Based on a statement by the former administrator of the university, she decided to replace all of the furniture inside the public area which is around 4,920 square foot with her own furnishings.

It was only last month when Katehi decided to resign from her post because of the pressure she is receiving from the President of the University of California, Janet Napolitano. The president issued a suspension to Katehi last April and already preparing to last month to present the outcome of the investigations to the regents of UC. Katehi needs to leave the residence of the chancellor before or on October 31.

The Residence is a house that adapted a ranch-style located in a tony neighborhood that is close to the campus. It is used in various functions both private and public. It has also served a lot of receptions, performances, donor cultivation, distinguished speakers, meetings, and appreciation dinners and alumni gatherings.

The furniture that is used to house in the public area was bought by The Ryerson Society back in 1998 which cost $185,000. This is according to Larry Vanderhoef who is the late former chancellor. This piece of information is written in his book called Indelibly Davis. It was Katehi who decided to relocate the furniture, give away and donate some. She replaced it with her own furniture and it is still unsure whether she will bring with her all the furniture she has moved in with.
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