Enhancing The Water Experience Through Inflatable Paddle Boards

Standup paddle boarding is gaining overwhelming popularity nowadays but some people are turned off by the challenge of transporting a 12-foot long paddle board to enjoy the sport. The best and most practical option is the inflatable paddle board that can easily be stowed inside the luggage. Standup paddle boarding is fun and the inflatable paddle board allows you to enjoy the water sport with ease.

The inflatable board is fully integrated with a self-inflation system that can be activated using a rechargeable battery with a magnetic switch. The new innovation is similar to the air mattress that requires 5 minutes to inflate. When the paddle board has been fully inflated, it does not give an impression that its interior is made up of air because it remains firm until it is deflated. Is it safe? Certainly, it is safe and extremely easy to inflate and deflate.

In its deflated stage, the paddle board weighs about 23 pounds plus an additional 3 pounds for the bag and the rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery is waterproof and can be used for about 3 inflations before it needs recharging. Another additional feature of inflatable paddle boards is the app used to monitor the pressure gauge. The app can also track your paddle sessions and activate an anti-theft alarm of Board Finder in case someone attempts to steal your equipment.

The inflatable paddle board is offered in various shapes for different experiences. For example, the All Rounder is suitable for family trips while the Cruiser is perfect for those who prefer longer trips. The Balance is the ideal paddle board for those who want to enhance their stability in the water. However, regardless of the type of paddle board you use, it is important to do the sport in a body of water suitable for the sport.

Apart from the inflatable paddle board, there are also Inflatable SUP Accessories designed for a better experience in the waters. If you are going to buy an inflatable paddle board, a longer board glides better while a wide board provides more balance. If you want your turns to be better, try for a shorter paddle board.

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