Education For The Children Of Asylum Seekers In Thailand

It is important for children to have the best primary and secondary education at international school in Thailand in preparation for their future in universities and colleges. International schools provide high quality education in all academic subjects including extracurricular activities. The dominant language used is often English so that children can easily adapt to international ideals.

Ten-year old Andrew and 16-year old Angelina belong to a family of Christian Pakistanis that sought asylum in Thailand. Children of asylum seekers can attend school at Victoria Memorial, one of the two schools that provide education to children. The community is unlike other schools that you are familiar with. It is located in a rundown one-bedroom apartment building in the outer area of Bangkok.

Twenty-five children attend school from 9AM to 1PM. Even with the threats of an immigration crackdown, Victoria Memorial tries to create a normal life for the children in a city that is far from home. The school which is housed in a narrow alley of a deep sub soi is away from prying eyes. Two teachers with one of them having received refugee status teach the children English, Urdu, science, math and the Bible.

In spite of the cramped and humid conditions inside the classroom, the teachers made the effort to fit it with a whiteboard, computers and chairs. Learning is a challenge when there is no table to write on but the children are all smiles which is a positive indication that there is a temporary escape from the uncertainties of living in a country where their families are not recognized as asylum seekers.

Andrew and his sister Angelina hopes that the United Nations will understand that repatriation to Pakistan is not the best solution because Christians are being prosecuted. Christian Pakistani families will only return to Pakistan if the UN can guarantee that their lives will not be threatened.

Children studying in international school in Thailand have so much to be grateful for. The international school provides them with the right books and equipment as well as peaceful environment that motivate learning. The children receive diverse and engaging education to ensure that they are properly prepared for higher education.

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