Eco-Friendly Solar Roofing System Made From Discarded Materials

Early this year, Elon Musk, a pioneer of US clean energy revealed a unique roofing system that acts as a solar panel. The target of the solar-based roofing system is environmentally conscious and wealthy residents in developed countries who do not want to be indefinitely dependent upon fossil fuel for their energy needs. However, Elon Musk is not alone; there is also an Indian startup that created a unique solar roofing system from discarded materials.

In India, some people live in the slums and do not have safe adequate roofing over their heads. Roofs are usually made from inferior quality and toxic metal and cement sheets. Having a proper roof for people is a challenge. Housing is the major aspiration of many families because it is a determinant of their quality of life.

Extremely low quality roofs are used in many parts of India. The problem is actually so severe that people die under the roofs during the summer heat. The temperature inside the home can rise up to 42 degrees Celsius. When a ModRoof is used, the temperature in the house’s interior is only 36 degrees Celsius.

ReMaterials that won the Alternative Materials prize at the 2016 Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Awards in New Delhi has developed an affordable and eco-friendly roofing solution called the ModRoof. The roof panels are made from a new wood-like material consisting of discarded waste products like cardboard and agricultural waste. The roofing material is processed in different stages that include crushing, mixing, compression, drying and waterproofing.

ReMaterials has also designed the roofing system in such a way to ensure that transport, installation and maintenance are easy and convenient. With minimum maintenance, the roofing system can last for more than 20 years. Furthermore, the roof is also waterproof and fireproof with heat insulating properties. The roofs are not only nice; people will love its aesthetics.

Metal roofs are known for their durability that is why they are widely used in intricate construction sites, high precision environments and extreme situations. However, there are also metal roofing pros and cons that you need to be aware of before you make the decision to use the material in the home.

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