Costumed Hollywood Performer Subject To Rules

The street performers in Hollywood attracts tourists but are also seen as an annoyance and burden by city officials and business owners.

Last month, the Los Angeles City Council came into votes to make a Hollywood Entertainment Zone. This would manage the street performers and vendors in Hollywood Boulevard between Orange Drive and Highland Avenue. Councilman Mitch O’Farrell wrote the proposal. This year, New York City has already put a similar legislation for Times Square.

The Hollywood Entertainment Zone has been sent to be drafted officially. This motion would manage the street performers and vendors by only allowing 20 passes per day to be handed out. This means that anyone else is barred from doing regulated activities without the 24 hour pass. These activities include performing, setting up equipments, using amplified music or sound, asking for donations, handing food and so on. These passes are on a first come and first serve basis. Ten each will be available for the north side and south side of the streets. For violators, they are barred 3 months from the system after the 2nd offense.

The LA Times reported that neighboring businesses complained a part of the Boulevard becoming a chaotic ground for hawkers taking advantage of out-of-towners.

These are some of the so-called problems caused by these performers according to a public safety report. They are involved in some occurrences of extortion and theft. Tourists feel pressured to purchase novelty items. Merchants ask for donations from photo opportunities. Amplified music and loud speakers are used for dancing, speeches. These incidents are complained by restaurant regulars and apartment tenants.

International tourists and visitors make up most of the total tourists in Hollywood. They are also the targeted groups by the solicitors.

Like any motion endorsed by the City Council, the ordinance’s text will be written by a City Attorney. After this, it will be sent back to the council to get an approval before becoming a law.

These performers, whether dressed in superhero or TV Store Online Costumes, are part of Hollywood. It is just disappointing how they are not making use of the good nature of dressing in costumes.

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