The Costs To Society Of Drug And Alcohol Addiction

A freedom of information request was forwarded to Wolverhampton Council to determine whether there is enough to help the drug and alcohol addicts in the city. The request revealed that £15,240,224 was spent to provide help to the city since 2013 with another £5 million to be spent this year. According to a spokesman of the council, the costs of drug and alcohol addiction to society are about £15.4 billion annually.

When drug dependents are treated, their health and wellbeing is improved and crime in the community is reduced. The safety of communities is compromised when the users of heroin and crack are not treated because they commit crimes that cost an average of £26,000 annually. Early intervention is a better option because of the greater benefits. Based on estimations, for every £1 spent on drug treatment, society saves £2.50. Why so?

According to Sunny Dhadley of Wolverhampton Service User Team, when charity receives a small amount of cash, it goes a long way in treating drug dependents. However, if the central government does not make the effort to change its usual methods in the way things are done, fewer people will be helped. This does not necessarily mean that more money is required to help people.
Last year, the charity was able to help 953 people with addictions. They direct people to the treatment centers and provide them assistance in searching for accommodations. What needs to applied in helping drug dependents is a more personal approach because drug and alcohol addiction cannot always be treated in isolation.

There are many reasons why people fall to addiction from poverty, criminality, mixing with the wrong crowd and events that they cannot cope with. The goal should be to find the real reason behind the addiction in order to apply the best possible treatment.

At Passages Malibu, it was discovered that the one-on-one approach for drug dependents is most effective. There are 21 different types of treatments which care customized to meet the requirements of the patient. A team of professionals work with every patient to ensure that the patient will be able to return to society as a respectable and trustworthy human being.

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