Confusion Ensued Between U-Tapao Airport And EEC Projects

The management of the U-Tapao airport is planning to relocate the new facilities intended to be constructed which includes the third terminal. The new location will be near the EEC or Eastern Economic Corridor where the high speed railway will pass through. The train is intended to bridge three major airports in the country according to Leuchai Sri-eamgool who is the director of the airport. This is beneficial for tourists wanting to visit a rooftop bar in Rayong because the area will be more accessible.

As of the moment, land refitting is being conducted in Rayong’s airport after an announcement made by the EEC Committee which is led by the Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha. He said that the 6,500 rai will be taken away from the land area of U-Tapao which is over 16,000. The land is to be used by the EEC for their upcoming projects to be constructed.

The said projects include the high speed railway which will link the airports of Don Mueang, Suvaranabhumi as well as U-Tapao. U-Tapao is also expecting new structures to be constructed including an overhaul centre, a maintenance facility and repair area. There will also be zones reserved for cargo depot and the trading zone for tax tree items.

Because of the announcement, the proposed third terminal of the airport as well as the second runway will have to move to a new location but still within the airport compound, as explained by the rear admiral. Luechai added that the distance of the new location from the current airport structures is around 1.5 km.

Before the end of July, it is expected that the terms of reference for the said projects will have already been announced by the EEC committee. The projects will have a budget of more than 200 billion baht and auction winners are expected to be finalized in October.

Many establishments in the area are looking forward to these projects including the rooftop bar in Rayong because it is expected that the province will have a better skyline view when all of the constructions are completed.

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