Choosing Shower Screens For Bathrooms

Anyone is able to upgrade the look of a bathroom, and keep floors dry, with the wise use of a shower screen.

According to Catherine Smith, a Houzz New Zealand Editorial Staff, many people want to refresh a decor or do a total rebuild/upgrade in an existing bathroom but are confused regarding the need to use a glass. She listed the reasons for picking shower screens for utility and appeal.

Creating a sleek and no-sill floor

With the use of efficient hidden drains and flooring systems under the tile, a shower floor becomes a sleek continuation of a bathroom floor. A half wall, having no hinge hardware or door, disappears and makes a bathroom seem much bigger.

Smith suggested to pick a drainage system which butts up to a wall so that there are no hideous drains visible in a shower floor.

Joining tub and shower in a wet room

For those that love a separate tub and shower, a designer can be asked regarding a wet room.

With the use of that similar drain technology and floor, a shower does not have to get its separate sill and still be roomy as preferred. A glass wall, either with a sliding door or not, opens an airy room.

Making a small space bigger

Even in small bathrooms, a glass boosts a space, specifically when running a similar flooring through with no interrupting drain or sill.

Smith suggested to ask a glass installer regarding a no-clean finish to stop having bath shower screens be cloudy from shampoo or soap residue.

Creating a walk-through shower

For those that have space in a bathroom, better put the shower in the front and center than by the end of a bathroom.

Smith said to talk about the structural underpinnings to an installer in order to create a half wall and upgrade to a commercial strength glass, minimizing the need to add those distracting frames or columns.

Blurring the lines

A glass wall does not need to be transparent, it can also be turned into a feature that showcases a printed photograph of any desired scenery.

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