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Need For New Map Illustrations

There are many kinds of maps ranging from the usual maps that we usually know and use, to the campus map, to the village map, to the locations map and even, to the revolutionary 360-virtual map. Nowadays, maps can now be interactive thanks to the newest and latest technology plus skills in working with map illustrations. To begin with, illustrated maps are products of art. It requires the careful combination of one’s hand control in using the pencil, a high quality set of photos plus the rightful incorporation of today’s technology. If combined properly, you will be able to see a more comprehensive view of the location from the perspective of a bird’s eye. In addition to this, illustrated maps are now modifiable depending on the specific needs of a client at present and, at the certain point in the future because the location that is pictured in the maps is constantly changing and maps are needed to be updated on a regular basis.

As mentioned above, maps are needed to be upgraded to make sure that they are time-appropriate in today’s changing world. Since the world continues to change to this point in time, the world sorely need newer and more updated map illustrations to give us, humans, better viewpoint on how the world has drastically changed in the last 20 years. To be able to give the world new maps that will provide us answers through abstraction and information reduction because like it or not, a map with an overloaded amount of information can’t simply provide answers, the leaders in the industry of cartography must help each other and take advantage of the people’s needs for a map for every situation people may be in whether they are commuting to get to work, making the biggest business decision of their career or simply, looking for a new place to dine with family because they want to try something new. The rest of the world needs new map illustrations that are simpler and easier to understand because our questions have been growing more complicated like how we can get to a place safely using the train system in London.

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Will The Results Of The US Presidential Elections Affect Holiday Spending?

Although Christmas songs are not yet being played in retail stores, retailers are busy preparing for the holiday season. As we get close to the time of year when shopping becomes the most ideal activity, the United States is busy preparing for the presidential elections. After the elections are over this November, will shopping ease away the pain of voting for a losing candidate? Most will be disappointed but American traditions will not be affected by the drama.

Political uncertainty, voter anxiety and frustrations are not enough to diminish the fun of gift buying. This was the result of a recent survey on US voters wherein the majority stated that no matter the outcome of the presidential elections their planned spending for the holidays will not be affected. The survey was conducted by RetailNext inc. a market and consumer analyst that is based in California.

Any remaining angst over the elections will be over by Thanksgiving and consumers will start with their holiday shopping. 70% of Americans surveyed say that if Donald Trump wins it will not affect their holiday spending while 68% say the same if Hilary Clinton is elected president.

There is only a brief time that can be called as the calm before the storm before retailers will turn their promotional campaigns to full blast. However, this year, many retailers are making use of technology which will ensure sales throughout the year. Retail traffic counters or retail people counters will be employed to provide retailers with the information as to the number of people entering the stores. The counters will show traffic trends during peak and slow hours and how weather conditions can affect sales opportunities. The system will allow store managers to truly see how the store is performing and whether foot traffic is being converted into sales.

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What Thailand Imparts To The World In Terms Of Universal Healthcare

Thailand demonstrates that a well studied system and a committed leadership can boost health affordably. During the decade, the plan minimized infant mortality, worker sick days and in turn, lifted families’ burdens financially.

Thailand’s Universal Coverage Scheme of 2001

For most countries around the world, they are moving towards a universal healthcare. However, for many, it just remains a goal. Fortunately, Thailand’s leaders have successfully implemented a healthcare reform without it costing too greatly.

About 25 percent of Thais in 2000 were uninsured. Many people had policies but with incomplete protection. The country was in a crisis healthcare-wise. About seventeen thousand children aged 5 below died, and two thirds were from uncomplicated preventable infectious diseases. Twenty percent of the poorest homes fell to poverty due to own healthcare spending.

Then in 2001, the country launched their Universal Coverage Scheme (UCS). It was described as an ambitious healthcare reform done by a developing country.

The UCS spread to Thai provinces on the next year. It provided inpatient, outpatient and emergency care.

By 2011, the scheme already covered 98% or 48 million of the Thai population.

Thailand’s road to UCS

In January 2002, the UCS was already in every province. However, the comprehensive care took decades to get developed. Since the 70s, there was already free healthcare for poor families. The country had various Health Insurance (ประกันภัยสุขภาพ) schemes leaving a lot of people without coverage. The development of clinics, hospitals and staff to support this universal coverage took several years.

The challenge for any universal healthcare

Dr Sara Bennett who is an associate professor working at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health indicated that the challenging part for any universal healthcare especially in most developing countries is quality. While most healthcare funded by the government is free, it is inaccessible geographically. Aside from this, poorly trained staff are administering, and there are limited facilities.

Other countries’ move to universal healthcare

Other low income and middle income countries are also moving towards a universal healthcare. Bennett said that they are offering coverage to a lot of people. Numerous countries, according to her, are making notable steps towards this including those very poor countries.

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Former Chancellor Katehi Leaving House Could Cost UC Davis

Once Linda P.B. Katehi decides to leave the residence of the UC Davis Chancellor along with all her furniture, the university has no choice but to get new replacement for the chairs, sofas and all furnishings needed for the big space dedicated to the public area which is used to entertain visitors. The amount could reach up to tens of thousands in dollars.

According to Dana Topousis, the spokeswoman for UC Davis, a year after moving into The Residence, Katehi decided to give away the furnishings and surpluses some which are owned by the university way back in 2010. The Residence is known to have a house area of 7,779 square foot.

Based on a statement by the former administrator of the university, she decided to replace all of the furniture inside the public area which is around 4,920 square foot with her own furnishings.

It was only last month when Katehi decided to resign from her post because of the pressure she is receiving from the President of the University of California, Janet Napolitano. The president issued a suspension to Katehi last April and already preparing to last month to present the outcome of the investigations to the regents of UC. Katehi needs to leave the residence of the chancellor before or on October 31.

The Residence is a house that adapted a ranch-style located in a tony neighborhood that is close to the campus. It is used in various functions both private and public. It has also served a lot of receptions, performances, donor cultivation, distinguished speakers, meetings, and appreciation dinners and alumni gatherings.

The furniture that is used to house in the public area was bought by The Ryerson Society back in 1998 which cost $185,000. This is according to Larry Vanderhoef who is the late former chancellor. This piece of information is written in his book called Indelibly Davis. It was Katehi who decided to relocate the furniture, give away and donate some. She replaced it with her own furniture and it is still unsure whether she will bring with her all the furniture she has moved in with.
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The Costs To Society Of Drug And Alcohol Addiction

A freedom of information request was forwarded to Wolverhampton Council to determine whether there is enough to help the drug and alcohol addicts in the city. The request revealed that £15,240,224 was spent to provide help to the city since 2013 with another £5 million to be spent this year. According to a spokesman of the council, the costs of drug and alcohol addiction to society are about £15.4 billion annually.

When drug dependents are treated, their health and wellbeing is improved and crime in the community is reduced. The safety of communities is compromised when the users of heroin and crack are not treated because they commit crimes that cost an average of £26,000 annually. Early intervention is a better option because of the greater benefits. Based on estimations, for every £1 spent on drug treatment, society saves £2.50. Why so?

According to Sunny Dhadley of Wolverhampton Service User Team, when charity receives a small amount of cash, it goes a long way in treating drug dependents. However, if the central government does not make the effort to change its usual methods in the way things are done, fewer people will be helped. This does not necessarily mean that more money is required to help people.
Last year, the charity was able to help 953 people with addictions. They direct people to the treatment centers and provide them assistance in searching for accommodations. What needs to applied in helping drug dependents is a more personal approach because drug and alcohol addiction cannot always be treated in isolation.

There are many reasons why people fall to addiction from poverty, criminality, mixing with the wrong crowd and events that they cannot cope with. The goal should be to find the real reason behind the addiction in order to apply the best possible treatment.

At Passages Malibu, it was discovered that the one-on-one approach for drug dependents is most effective. There are 21 different types of treatments which care customized to meet the requirements of the patient. A team of professionals work with every patient to ensure that the patient will be able to return to society as a respectable and trustworthy human being.

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The Travails Of The Taxi Industry In Doha, Qatar

On Doha, the Eid holidays meant brisk business for taxi drivers but their revenue soon declined when the schools closed for the summer vacation. Taxi drivers have to struggle to make ends meet particularly with the stiff competition from the thriving limousine service. Most taxi drivers do not own the vehicles. They have to pay a quota of more than QR200 to the taxi company every day. If there is a dearth for passengers, the taxi drivers find it difficult to meet the quota.
While the rental scheme has been stopped, many taxi franchises still follow the old scheme and this has resulted into taxi drivers looking for ways to earn additional cash. Some of the drivers manipulate the fare structures while others negotiate with passengers to collect a higher fare. The Eid holiday was the perfect opportunity for taxi drivers to earn more so that they can set aside some money for the lean periods. Some have worked doubly hard because they knew that summer meant fewer passengers. The summer lull is already expected because taxi drivers have experienced this in the past. Taxis drivers should have managed the earnings properly so that they are prepared for the two lean months of summer without students.
Taxi drivers are also affected by the thriving limousine service that is a better option for some passengers. Some of the taxi drivers who were involved in illegal cab activities have started to apply for licenses from a number of rent-a-car and transport companies that are authorized to provide limousine service. Limousine companies can exclusively operate at some of the malls and hypermarkets of Doha. This has certainly worsened the problems of the taxi industry because many passengers prefer the chauffeured limousines to taxis and their illegal activities.
Limousine services have become rather popular because passengers prefer to travel in comfort without worrying about the trustworthiness of the chauffeur. Limousine Royalty for your wedding allows you to travel to the wedding venue in luxury and style. Weddings are once in a lifetime event; pamper yourself by hiring a limousine for the most romantic and memorable day of your life.

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Government School Students In India Still Considers English As Foreign Language

Class 12 examinations were conducted for the students of city government schools and the result showed that 1,887 of these students need to retake the examination. With the result alone, it can be concluded that these students still view English as a foreign language and majority of them are still not used to the language.
According to a data from the GMSSS or Government model senior secondary school, the Sector 18 shows that there are 26 students who did not pass the English subject while in Section 37 there are six students who did not pass the subject as well.
There has been confirmation from various school heads, more importantly in periphery schools, such as GMSSS Karsan, GSSS Raipur, GSSS Mauli Jagran, GSSS Dhanas, GSSS Behlana, among many others that many of their students are still having a hard time with English.
According to the president of SSA or Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Teacher’s Association, Arvind Rana, there are two reasons why many students fail in English and this is due to the CCE or Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation which states that the student must be passed no matter how few or many the knowledge of the student. Another reason is that the government school educators are already overburdened. Because they are required to organize multiple activities, they were not able to give more time for the children.
Rubinderjit Singh Bar, director for school education, commented and said that majority of the periphery students are finding it hard to read as well as write in the English language. There are about 1,500 students that will be retaking the exam. There are already plans in place to conduct remedial classes for government school students who are weak in the English subject.
Complains are also coming from the principal of Bhavan Vidyalaya School, Vineeta Arora who is in Sector 27. She said that even her best students have gotten low marks when it comes to English. She believed there is something wrong with the particular centre since it never happened before. If you are thinking of teaching English as foreign language, visit Entrust TEFL.

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